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One who never speaks up, is not necessarily unlettered
Like a parsnip, he silently matures
One who is eloquent, is not necessarily highly educated
Like an empty drum, he can blow the loudest hot air
One who knows how to distinguish
a piece of glass from a diamond
is the one who should be called a scholar
though he may not hold that special piece of paper

One who is lost in the lure of glamour
whose only concern is to be famous
always follows the habit of the hen
She lays an egg, the whole village knows
One who consciously seeks the truth
is not hard up for any recognition
In fact he emulates the habit of the turtle
who lays hundreds of eggs, yet no one knows

One who is only good at criticizing others
is actually jealous, or may have forgotten his
own weaknesses. One who likes to moralise
though his own character is obnoxious
should look into the mirror
and not be a great pretender
And one who is always cynical, deeming others
as hypocrites, has he looked within himself?

The truth is, everyone is equal
nobody is perfect.

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Sep 6, 1997.

Also published in Close Quarters, Jan 1998, p7.

[He is a creative writer from Singapore, who prefers to communicate his ideas and visions through fiction rather than essays. He writes poems and short stories in English and Malay languages.]

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