Junior Certificate Syllabus Framework


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Detailed Syllabus


Section Units
A The Human Habitat- 1. The Earth's Surface
Processes and Change Shaping the Earth
2. The Restless Athmosphere
The Heat Engine
3. The Working of Our Life
Support System
B Population, Settlement Patterns 1. Population - Distribution
and Urbanisation Diversity and Change
2. People on the Move
3. Settlement: Changing Patterns
in Where We Live -
Villages and Towns
4. Urbanisation: Changing
Patterns in Where We Live
- Cities
C Patterns in Economic Activity 1. Primary Economic Activities:
The Earth As a Resource
2. Secondary Economic
Activities: Building Resources
into Products
3. Tertiary Economic Activities:
Facilitating Our Use of Resources
4. Economic Inequality:
The Earth's resources
- Who Benefits?

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