1989 3-inch CD compilation
"20th Century"
2000 A.D. Sci-Fi Special 1979 - The name "Alphaville"
"About a Heart"
"Afternoons in Utopia"
Afternoons in Utopia
"Ain't it Strange"
Albert & The Heart of Gold - People & Groups, Songwriters
"All in the Golden Afternoon"
Karl Alladt - Musicians
Alphaville 2001 PC - The name "Alphaville"
The Alphaville Live Band
John Altman - Musicians
Amiga Collection
"And as for Love"
"And I Wonder"
And I Wonder (single)
Christine Andoh - Musicians
"Ascension Day"
"Astral Body"
Astral Body (release)
B-Charme - Cover Versions
Ian Bairnson - Musicians
Band Für Afrika - People & Groups
Michael Barbiero - Musicians
Guy Barker - Musicians
John Barry - Songwriters
"Beautiful Girl"
"Because of You"
Gabi Becker - Musicians
Nick Beggs - Musicians
Hans Behrendt - Musicians
Rolando Belli - Musicians
Jerry Bertram - Musicians
"Big in Japan", Cover Versions, Compilations
Big in Japan (single)
Big in Japan (1992 single)
Big in Japan (Swemix single)
"Big Yellow Sun"
Billboard Magazine article
Don Black - Songwriters
Adi Blankleder - Songwriters
"Blauer Engel"
Rainer Bloss - Biography, Songwriters, Musicians
Jack Bondi - Musicians
Books about Alphaville
The BoomOperators - Cover Versions
Bootleg releases
David Bowie - People & Groups, Songwriters
G Boyter - Songwriters
Laura Brannigan - Cover Versions
The Breathtaking Blue
Denice Brooks - Musicians
Stuart Brooks - Musicians
Andy Brown - Musicians
Der Bulle und Das Mädchen - At the Movies
"Burning Wheels"
Randy Bush - Cover Versions
"Carol Masters"
Lewis Carroll - Songwriters
"Carry Your Flag"
"Change the World"
Doreen Chanter - Musicians
Phil Charters - Live Band
Judy Cheeks - Musicians
Alan Childs - Musicians
Chinchilla Green
Emil Chow - Cover Versions
The Claudias - Musicians
Wulf Clausen - Musicians
Cleaners from Venus Cover Versions
Stephanie Colling - Musicians
Compilation albums featuring Alphaville songs
Chris Compton - Musicians
"Concrete Soundtraxx for Imaginary Films 1"
Cosmic Meadows
Cover versions
Tim Cransfield - Musicians
CrazyShow Excerpts
Curt Cress - Musicians
Dan - Musicians
"Dance With Me", Compilations
"Dance With Me (demo version)"
Dance With Me (single)
Dance With Me (2001 single)
"Danger in Your Paradise"
"Dangerous Places"
"Days Full of Wonder"
Rene Decker - Musicians
Demimonde - Cover Versions
Ernst Deuker - Musicians
Deutsche Oper, Berlin - Musicians
Janey Diamond - People & GroupsSongwriters
"Diamonds are 4 Eva"
DJ Space C - Cover Versions
"Do the Strand"
Peter Docherty - Musicians
"Dream Machine"
Anne Dudley - Musicians
Stephen Duffy - Songwriters
Dune - Cover Versions
Ricky Echolette - About Alphaville, Songwriters, Musicians
Sandra Edwards - Musicians
"The End"
"Fallen Angel"
"Fallen Angel (demo version)"
"Fantastic Dream"
"Feathers and Tar"
Feathers and Tar (single)
Petra Fenn - Songwriters, Musicians
Mark Ferringo - Songwriters
Bryan Ferry - Songwriters, Cover Versions
First Harvest 1984-92
"First Monday (in the year 3000)"
"Five Years"
Flame (single)
Christian Florie - Songwriters, Musicians
Flo Florie - Musicians
Claudia Fontaine - Musicians
Adrian Fortas - Musicians
Fools (single)
"For a Million"
"For the Sake of Love"
"Forever Punk" - Cover Versions
"Forever Young", Cover Versions, Compilations
Forever Young (album)
Forever Young (single)
Forever Young (1988 single)
Forever Young (1996 single)
Forever Young (2001 single)
Forever Young (group)
Robert France - Live Band, Musicians
Ulricke Franke - Musicians
Furniture - Cover Versions
Deborah Gale - Musicians
Patti Galore - Musicians
Jonathan Garfield - Musicians
Turhan Geza - Musicians
Karin Gieselmann - Musicians
Mike Ging - Musicians
"Girl From Pachacamac"
Girls Next Door
Jean-Luc Godard - The name "Alphaville"
Manuel Goettsching - Musicians
Albert Gold - Musicians
Marian Gold - About Alphaville, Songwriters
"Golden Feeling"
Die Goldenen Zitronen - Cover Versions
David Goodes - Live Band, Musicians
Karel Gott - Cover Versions
Stephan Gottwald - The Other Ones, Musicians
Friedemann Graef - Musicians
Pierson Grange - Live Band, Musicians
Andy Gray - Musicians
Andy Gray-Ling - Musicians
Andreas Grosser - People & Groups
"Guardian Angel"
Guano Apes - Cover Versions
Gulfstream - Musicians
Gundula - Musicians
Oleg Gurkin - Songwriters
Rob Harris - Live Band, Musicians
Harrison, Harry
George Harrison - Songwriters, Cover Versions
Murray Head - Songwriters, Cover Versions
Headboys - Cover Versions
"Headlines (demo version)"
"Heart of the Flower"
"Heaven or Hell"
Henrik - Musicians
"Here by Your Side"
"Highschool Confidential"
Rupert Hine - Songwriters, Musicians
Kai Hoffmann - Musicians
Ulli Holler - Songwriters
Mike Howlett - Musicians
Tracy Huang - Cover Versions
Chris Hughes - Musicians
Benjamin Hüllenkrämer - Musicians
Ian Hunter - Songwriters
Ideal - People & Groups
"If the Audience was Listening"
"Imperial Youth"
"The Impossible Dream", Cover Versions
The Impossible Dream (single)
"In Bubblegum"
"In the Mood"
Inka - Musicians
"Inside Out"
Interactive - Cover Versions
"International Aquarian Opera"
Internet Relay Chat
"Into the Dark"
"Iron Gate"
"Iron John"
"Ivory Tower"
Henry Jackman - Musicians
Bob Jenkins - Musicians
Jerusalem (single)
"The Jet Set"
"The Jet Set (demo version)"
"Jet Set (single version)", Compilations
Jet Set (single)
Holly Johnson - People & Groups
Sonia Jones - Musicians
Michael Junker - Musicians
Carlo Karges - Musicians
Thomas Keller - Musicians
Carol Kenyon - Musicians
The Kid - Musicians
Stephen King - The name "Alphaville"
Frank Klebbé - Musicians
Janey Klimek - The Other Ones, Musicians
Frank Kosmann - Musicians
George Kranz - "Golden Feeling"
Eff Jott Krüger - Musicians
J. Krüger - Songwriters
"Lady Bright"
"Lassie Come Home"
Lassie Singers - People & Groups
"Last Summer on Earth"
"Leben Ohne Ende"
Dave Lebold - Musicians
Simone Legner - Musicians
Michael Lehnhoff - Songwriters, Musicians
D. Lewis - Songwriters
"Life is King"
"Like Thunder"
Roger Linn - Musicians
Martin Lister - Live Band, Songwriters, Musicians
The Live Band
Bernhard Lloyd - About Alphaville, Songwriters
London Session Orchestra - People & Groups
Lonely Boys
Wolfgang Loos - Musicians
Gustl Luetjens - Musicians
The Lunapark Office Choir - Musicians
Maahn, Wolf - People & Groups
James Mack - Live Band, Musicians
Jimmy Maelen - Musicians
Mailing list
C. Malcolm - Songwriters
Stefanie Marcus - Musicians
Christian Marsac - Live Band
Beryl Marsden - Musicians
Marshall and Alexander - Cover Versions
Frank McDonald - Musicians
Louise McKenna - Musicians
Mae McKenna - Musicians
Shane Meehan - Live Band, Musicians
Ulla Meinecke - People & Groups
J. Mennichen - Songwriters
Achim Mennicken - Songwriters, Musicians
"Mercury Girl"
Frank Mertens - About Alphaville, Songwriters
Paul Michiels - Cover versions
"Middle of the Riddle"
Victoria Miles - Musicians
"Miracle Healing"
"Monkey in the Moon"
"Montego Bay"
Alessandra Montruccio - Songwriters, Interviews
Moonoffice Compilation Video
Mott the Hoople - Cover Versions
"My Brothers in China"
"The Mysteries of Love"
Mysteries of Love (single)
"Nackt im Wind"
The name "Alphaville"
Napoleon Dynamite - "Forever Young"
Jo Neil - Musicians
"The Nelson Highrise Sector 1: The Elevator"
"The Nelson Highrise Sector 2: The Mirror"
"The Nelson Highrise Sector 3: The Garage"
"The Nelson Highrise Sector 4: Scum of the Earth"
Nelson Project
"Never Get Out of the Boat"
"New Horizons"
"(Waiting for the) New Light"
New Musik - Songwriters, Cover Versions
Martin Newell - Songwriters
"Next Generation"
Nico - Musicians
Rudy Nielsen - Songwriters, Musicians
Tessa Niles - Musicians
Tony Nissel - Musicians
Michael Nostradamus - Songwriters
Julie Ocean - Songwriters, Musicians
"Oh Patti"
"One Step Behind You"
One Step Behind You (single)
"The One Thing"
Kim Ono - Cover Versions
"On The Beach"
"The Opium Den"
Ordering Alphaville material on-line
Michael O'Ryan - Musicians
Ossi - Musicians
The Other Ones
"Pandora's Lullaby"
"The Paradigm Shift"
"Parallel Girlz (Cloud Nine)"
"Patricia's Park"
"Peace on Earth"
Axel Rudi Pell - Cover Versions
People & Groups associated with Alphaville
Petra - Musicians
Phil Palmer - Musicians
"Point of Know Return"
Carole Pope - Songwriters
Radio Freedom South Africa - Musicians
Elliott Randall - Musicians
"Red Rose"
Alex Reed - Musicians
Red Rose (single)
Reggae - Cover Versions
Jacki Reniczk - Musicians
"Return to Paradise Part 1"
"Return to Paradise Part 2"
Andy Richards - Musicians
Frank Ricotti - Musicians
Jimmy Ripp - Musicians
Carmine Rojas - Musicians
"Roll Away the Stone"
Romeos (single)
The Rosie Singers - Musicians
D. Ross - Songwriters
Rough Trade - Cover Versions
Michael Ryan - Musicians
Maggie Ryder - Musicians
"Sag Mir, Wo Die Blumen Sind?"
Sandra - Cover Versions
"Say it Ain't So, Joe"
Hartwig Schierbaum - Songwriters, Musicians
Klaus Schulze - People, Songwriters, Musicians
Andreas "Blacky" Schwarz-Ruszczynski - The Other Ones, Songwriters, Musicians
"Script of a Dead Poet"
William "Kooley" Scott - Musicians
Seum - Songwriters
Neil Sidwell - Musicians
Paul Simm - Musicians
Sensations (single)
SFX magazine
"Shadows She Said"
"The Shape of Things to Come"
"She Fades Away"
"She Fades Away demo version"
"Ship of Fools"
Marc Simon - People & Groups
The Singles Collection
"Sirens (excerpt from Elegy)"
"Sister Sun"
Alex Slavic - Live Band, Musicians
Jocelyn B. Smith - Musicians
Robin Smith - Musicians
So Long Celeste
"Some People"
Sooter - Songwriters
E. Sooter - Songwriters
"Soul Messiah"
"Sounds Like a Melody", Cover Versions, Compilations
Sounds Like a Melody (single)
"Spirit of the Age"
The Stainless Steel Rat
Kevan Staples - Songwriters
Stark Naked and Absolutely Live
"State of Dreams"
"Still Falls the Rain"
Miriam Stockley - Musicians
"Stranger than Dreams"
Strontium Dog - The name "Alphaville"
"Summer in Berlin"
"Summer in Berlin demo version"
"Summer Rain"
Summer Rain (single)
"Sweet Needles of Success"
Ken Taylor - Musicians
Stephen Taylor - Musicians
Temperance - Cover Versions
"That's All"
John Themis - Musicians
"Those Were the Days"
"Those Wonderful Things"
"Thunder & Lightning"
"To Germany With Love"
"To the Underworld"
Today (promo single)
Phil Todd - Musicians
Jenny Troy - Musicians
"Twelve Years"
U2 - The name "Alphaville"
"Universal Daddy"
"Universal Daddy demo version"
Universal Daddy (single)
"Upside Down"
Utopia Mirror
Miklos Varga - Cover Versions
Craig Vear - Musicians
"A Victory of Love"
"Voice of the Dolphins"
Voov - Songwriters
Ralph Vornberger - Musicians
"The Voyager"
Tom Waits - Cover Versions
Ebu Wagner - Musicians
"Wake Up!"
David Walrond - Musicians
Peter Walsh - Musicians
Kenneth Ward - Musicians
Web sites
Wednesday - Musicians
"Welcome to the Sun"
"What is Love?"
Tim Whelan - Songwriters
Nick Winters - Musicians
"Wishful Thinking"
Wishful Thinking (single)
Wayne Wonder - Cover Versions
Gavin Wright - Musicians
Youth Group - Cover Versions
Die Zöllner - Musicians
Dirk Zöllner - Musicians
"Zoo (Cage #5)"