About AtlanticPopes
    AtlanticPopes are Bernhard Lloyd and Max Holler. As
    explained below in their biography, they have worked together
    for 11 years, and the recently-released album is the product
    of their combined talents - a unique work, often astonishing,
    always compelling.

    The tracks were written by Holler/Erdmann, except "World",
    "Freedom" and "That's All" by Holler/Lloyd and "Flying" by

    The AtlanticPopes album is available directly from
    the band's website (click the link at the end of this page).
    The site contains more information on the project, plus
    samples of all the tracks (accompanied some great
    animated cartoons!). It's one of the most entertaining
    websites around!


    The first atlantic encounter between Bernhard Lloyd and the
    singer Max Holler took place in south west France in 1990.

    Convinced of their mutual artistic potential they produced two
    of Max's many songs on the spot. At first the idea was just to
    enjoy making music. The concept of a joint, success
    orientated project only manifested itself years later.

    Bernhard was mainly occupied with Alphaville and Max
    worked as a photographer in theatre productions, as video
    artist and "sound minister" for a multimedia company.

    Whenever possible the two of them got together, at the
    Atlantic, otherwise mostly in Berlin, where they produces
    new songs. In the meantime, in order to gain more self
    confidence and a healthier lifestyle they took on various
    jobs in advertising and film music.

    During these 11 years, without pressure and outside
    influence - one could almost say by chance - they produced
    their debut-CD, which seduces with its rare musical diversity,
    rich colour, and harmony.

    In 2000 they felt compelled to announce the AltanticPopes
    project, the purpose being to bring to the public attention the
    result of their successful collaboration.

    Respect and acceptance for being different, to do what one
    does best - and that to the best of one's ability, lightness -
    above all in the depth, and not to take oneself too seriously...

    Max and Bernhard opted to go public through the internet,
    because personal contact is established with interested
    parties world wide, and in order to avoid dependence on the
    music industry. It allows for independent diversity beyond
    uniform global tendencies. This is important to both of them.

    AtlanticPopes is sophisticated pop music which belongs in
    the category, which falls outside of the run-of-the-mill music...
    It lives in the tension between Max's expressive deep singing
    and Bernhard's sparkling synthesizer and sequencer
    outbursts. It ranges from heart melting ballads to hypnotic
    dance floor and is rich in beautiful melodies and erotic beats.

    The virtual appearance of the AtlanticPopes will grow and refine
    itself, from its own strength and gladly with the help of others
    who, with ideas and opinions want to be involved and to discover
    themselves in a networked community, which seeks answers
    in order to ease and enrich a life together. The popes' music
    should provide pleasure, unite, and strengthen, encourage
    and boost.

    Everybody can be a pope.             May the exercise succeed!

The Album

    1. World (4:19)
    2. Ice (5:04)
    3. Games (4:49)
    4. Dogs (5:33)
    5. Land (4:57)
    6. Love (4:31)
    7. Talktalk (6:30)
    8. Living (3:29)
    9. Skin (4:50)
    10. Freedom (4:01)
    11. Flying (5:21)
    12. That's All (3:49)
    13. Love (F) (4:31)
    14. Ice (F) (5:04)

    a virtual project by Max Holler and Bernhard Lloyd
    all music designed, arranged and produced by AtlanticPopes
    recorded at Lunapark Studios Berlin, Meniquet and Bazy France
    and Corkland Studios New Hagen
    engineered by bernhard Lloyd
    published by Maobeat / BMG
    cover design and layout by ART+MEDIA Krefeld
    (R) + © 2000 by AtlanticPopes APR 001



Bernhard Lloyd and Max Holler meet by chance - or was it destiny? - on the beach of Biarritz in the southwest of France.... more about the AtlanticPopes history coming soon.