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If you've taken the trouble to find me then it follows that you are more than likely interested in the Rolling Stones.

The year was 1972. I was 14 and living in Sydney, Australia. More importantly it was the year of Exile On Main Street. Talk about a life changing experience! I remember hearing Sweet Virginia for the first time and it blew me away. From that day to this it is my all-time favourite song and Exile my favorite album.

When not listening to, talking about or writing about the Rolling Stones, I occupy my days working with CONCEPT one of Ireland's leading web design and hosting companies. Even then I manage to work on the occasional Rolling Stones related project like the 'Windows icon collection' and the 'Rolling Stones Screen Saver'.

So, what is there to do while you are here? Not very much I'm glad to say.

If however you honestly feel like wasting some time you could check out what I have to say as far as the Rolling Stones are concerned.

After that you might even be interested in seeing more pics of me in my guise as an F1 fanatic.

You could even wander over and see whether I have any wonderful software creations to download.

And if all else fails, why not check out my meagre collection of links so that you can escape out of here.

(that's me on the left with some guitarist guy)

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