Mountain Musings

Fancy yourself as a scribe? Even if you don't, send us your thoughts or adventures on Ireland's or any where else's mountains. There must be an Irish connection, however!!

We'll put them up on the web page with a link from here.

The Stories so far.......chronologically. Last updated on 14/5/2001.

  • Jane Watt and Graham Porter struggle through hell in a hilly and hot Sahara
  • Robbie Bryson talks about growing up and going for a leisurely cycle around the Irish hills (Oh yes, and he sets a record!!)
  • Jane Watt powers over Ireland from Bray Head in Wicklow to Bray Head in Kerry.
  • Jonathan Beverley's trip to Ireland. A Yank takes a look from the top of Erin.
  • Simon Walter's account of his record breaking run on the Wicklow Way in 1998.

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