1. Title

1.1The Association shall be called the Irish Mountain Running Association, hereinafter referred to as the Association or IMRA.

1.2 The Association may adopt the name IMRA for any of itís objectives set out below.

2. Objectives

2.1 The objectives of the Association is to organise,and promote the sport of mountain, hill, or fell running in Ireland. The Association will endeavour to aid in the preservation of the Irish mountain environment and in ensuring rights of access to the Irish mountains

2.2 To promote drug free sport as per appendix 2.

3. Responsibility

3.1 The Association is responsible for:-

(a) Formulating, maintaining, publishing and enforcing rules for mountain and hill running events in Ireland;

(b) Establishing and organising Irish Championship events, hillrunning events and leagues and appropriate series. Provincial committees may organise events in their province.

(c) Liaison with Government Departments, non Governmental Departments and other organisations;

(d) Insuring the Association and organisers of recognised hill running events against third party claims;

(e) Affiliation to the relevant International Body for Mountain Racing, the International Amateur Athletic Federation through Athletics Ireland or its successors, and affiliation to any other appropriate organisations;

(f) Any other responsibilities which may be agreed at General Meeting from time to time.

4. Membership

4.1 Full membership of the Association is open to: -

(a) any individual over 18 years of age, who on fully completing an association registration form competes at an Association race. Membership starts from that date and is active only for remainder of that calendar year.

(b) Honorary members as voted by AGM

(c) Officers of the Executive Committee as elected by AGM

4.2 Junior membership, any individual under 18 years of age, who on completion of the conditions of 4.1 (a) and on written consent of a parent or guardian, subject to the conditions of code of ethics & good practice for childrenís sport in appendix 1.

5. Executive Committee

5.1 The affairs of the Association shall be conducted by an Executive Committee consisting of the following officers:-

(a) Chairman

(b) Treasurer

(c) Secretary

(d) Races Coordinator

(e) Public relations Officer

(f) Results and Records Secretary

(g) Equipment Officer

(h) Safety Officer

(i) National Children's Officer

(j) Regional Officer

and two ordinary members. One person can hold up to two positions but not any two of (a),(b) or (c).

5.2 Officers must be members of the Association, active promoters of hill races or active helpers at hill races.

5.3 Officers must be elected at the Annual general meeting. However, the Executive Committee may co-opt persons to fill posts which fall vacant or are not filled at the AGM. If an individual officer fails to attend four Executive Committee meetings without good reason and ten days after electronic or written notice has been sent fails to explain the absence to the satisfaction of the Executive Committee that officer post is deemed to be vacant.

5.4 Four members present shall be the quorum for Executive Committee meetings which shall be held at least once every two months Decisions will be by simple majority of those present. In the event of a tie the chairman of the meeting will have the casting vote. The date for the next meeting is to be determined at the close of each meeting. If a meeting needs to be cancelled the chairman will fix a date for the rescheduled meeting, within two months of the original date, and the secretary will communicate this to committee members

5.5 The chairman shall chair Executive Committee Meetings, Annual General Meetings and any Extraordinary General Meetings. If the chairman is unable to do so, a chairman shall be elected by the meeting.

5.6 The secretary shall keep a record of all meetings of the Association.

5.7 The treasurer shall keep an up-to-date record of IMRA finances, and account for all lodgements, withdrawls and race proceeds. The financial year shall run from l st of November to 31st of October each year. The accounts shall be balanced on 31st of October each year and submitted at the AGM. for inspection.

5.8 The signatories to the Associationís bank accounts shall be any two of the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and one other committee member.

5.9 The PRO shall seek to promote the sport on national basis. This includes submitting articles for publication, getting races previewed and results published in the local and national media.

5.10 It is the Race Co-Ordinator's duty to co-ordinate the organisation of races by individual members.

5.11 The Records/ Results Secretary shall keep a record of members and race results.

5.12 The Nation Children Officer shall encourage the sport among Junior runners by promoting junior and / or school events in line with the provisions of code of ethics & good practice for childrenís sport in appendix 1.

5.13 The Safety Officer or such other appropriate member nominated by the Safety Officer to act as such in respect of any particular event has the power to amend or cancel a race, or to refuse to accept a runnerís entry into a race and review safety procedures on an ongoing basis.

5.14 The Regional Officer will represent the interests of any provincial committee organising races and liase with them on behalf of the Executive Committee.

5.15 The Executive Committee shall appoint a Web Master each year from the association membership to operate a website to promote hillrunning. The Executive Committee shall have editorial control over the association website.

5.16 Sub-Committees may be formed by the Executive Committee for specific purposes. Such sub-committees will be subordinate to the Executive Committee and their recommendations may be over-ruled by the Executive Committee.

5.17 The Association may be represented only by delegates appointed by the Executive Committee.

5.18 The Executive Committee shall have power, apart from the express provisions under the Constitution, to do any such act or thing to carry out itís Responsibilities under Clause 3 hereof, including the power to engage or retain on a professional and/or voluntary basis any member or non-member of the association and/or any other body, firm, company or association.


6.1 The Association shall hold an Annual General Meeting within 60 days of November 1st each year. Publication of the date, time and venue in the yearly calendar shall be considered sufficient notice unless a change is made. In that circumstance members shall be notified electronically or by post at least 21 days in advance.

6.2 The quorum for The Annual General Meeting is twenty members

6.3 A new committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

(a) All committee member positions elected at the AGM are for one year.

(b) For each one of the 12 posts a member must be proposed, seconded and willing to accept in order to be considered eligible.

(c) If only one candidate is proposed and seconded they are considered elected.

(d) If there are more than two candidates a vote will be held.

6.4 All full members of at least one months standing are eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting. In any vote the motion will be carried by simple majority of those present entitled to vote. In the event of a tie in any vote the Chairman of the meeting shall have a casting vote.

6.5 A committee member cannot occupy the same officer post as defined in clause 5.1 for more than 3 years consecutively unless there is no other member proposed for that position

6.6 A National Coach will be selected by vote at the AGM. Any suitable experienced person can be nominated. The duties of the coach will be

  1. To identify talented and potentially elite runners
  2. To encourage those so identified to compete in events beyond the range of the association.
  3. To arrange clinics and/ or squad sessions to foster talent
  4. To report to the Executive Committee twice yearly

6.7 Amendments to the Constitution of the Association and proposals which it is desired to put before a General Meeting shall be received in writing or electronically at least fourteen days before the date of the meeting. They must be proposed and seconded by members with voting rights. Amendments to a proposal can be taken from the floor. Either the proposer or seconder of a proposal must be present in person at the AGM.

6.8 The Agenda of General Meetings shall be available to all members on request at least ten days before the meeting. The Financial Statement and Accounts of the Association shall be available to all at the Annual General Meeting.


7.1 An Extraordinary General Meeting of the Association shall be held on the request of the Executive Committee, or one quarter of current members or 20 members which ever number is greater. A list of current members of the Association shall be made available to any member on receipt of a written or electronic request to the Records Secretary.

7.2 At least 14 days notice of the date of an Extraordinary General Meeting shall be given in writing or electronically to all members of the Association.

7.3 The quorum of an EGM will be twenty members.

7.4 In any vote the motion will be carried by simple majority of those present entitled to vote. In the event of a tie in any vote the Chairman of the meeting shall have a casting vote.


8.1 The Financial year of the Association shall run from November 1st to October 31st each year. The Association shall have power to open and operate a bank account and to issue negotiable instruments. If deemed necessary the Association shall have the power to borrow money provided the amount borrowed and purpose is agreed at General Meeting. All negotiable instruments drawn on the bank accounts of the Association shall be signed by signatures as per clause 5.8. The members present at a General Meeting shall have the power to revise the annual subscription. All races organised by the Association shall be self-financing if possible.


9.1 On occasions teams will be selected to represent The Association and/or Ireland at international or other events.

9.2 The decision to send a team to any event will rest with the Executive Committee and the decision to hold a trial race will rest with the Executive Committee except in the case of The World Trophy where a trial race must take place.

9.3 The teams will be selected by a selection committee with or without a trial race as clause 9.2

  1. The selection committee shall comprise of one member from each active province per hundred members, nominated by the provincial committee and will choose a chairman from its number.
  2. Any vote of the selection committee will be carried by simple majority. In the event of a tie in any vote the Chairman of the selection committee shall have a casting vote.
  3. The selection committee will appoint a Team Manager.
  4. The Team Manager can be any member of the Association but must travel with the team(s)

  5. The team manager will appoint team captains as required.
  6. Junior teams must operate under the provisions of code of ethics & good practice for childrenís sport as outlined in appendix 1

9.4 Selected runners, in the case of the selection committee selecting the full team, must be members of the association on the date of selection, or have competed in an Association race or other hill race organised by a recognised National or International hillrunning body in the previous 24 months.

9.5 Teams will be selected, in the case of a trial race, by the following criteria

  1. at least half of each teamís places will be offered on the basis of first past the post in the trial race to those eligible to run. If those offered decline the place there is no requirement for the selection committee to continue the process down the finishing list
  2. The selection committee will decide on the remaining places.
  3. Selected runners must be members of the association on the date of the trial race relevant to that selection, or have competed in an Association race or other hill race organised by a recognised National or International hillrunning body in the previous 24 months.

10. Dismissals

10.1 Should the conduct of a member or members be considered prejudicial to the well-being or reputation of the association, the Executive Committee shall investigate the matter and if they decide it necessitates action shall have the power to discipline, suspend or expel from the association. The member shall be then informed of the reason for the Committeeís action, and a member so suspended, disciplined or expelled shall be entitled to appeal to a convened General Meeting


11.1 Amendments to the Constitution of the Association shall require the approval of a simple majority of those members of the Association present at a General Meeting.


12.1 The Association may only be dissolved at a General Meeting. In the event of the dissolution of the Association any assets thereof must not be distributed amongst the members of the Association in any way whatsoever. The Executive Committee shall stay in office until these assets have been disposed of in accordance with the Objectives of the Association (see clause2).

13. Transitional Provisions

13.1 The Executive Committee of the Association in being as of the date of approval by the membership of this revised Constitution shall constitute the Executive Committee of the Association holding office under revised Constitution and the provisions thereof.

13.2 The said Executive Committee shall thenceforth hold office in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution and any period of office held by any Officer of the Executive Committee prior to the date of approval of the revised constitution shall/shall not be taken into account for the purposes of clause 6.5

13.3Any decision of the Executive Committee of the Association in being as of the date of approval of this revised Constitution but not implemented prior to that approval shall be implemented by the Executive Committee or Officer or any member as appropriate as if the decision was one of the Executive Committee holding office under this Constitution unless said decision is rescinded as of and at the first Executive Committee held subsequent to the approval of this Constitution. No action shall be taken against any member in respect of the implementation of any such decision referred to which was implemented subsequent to the approval of this Constitution and prior to itís rescission by the Executive Committee in accordance herewith.


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