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If you know of Cavan related sites or pages not included here please type the URL in the box and submit them for inclusion here.
Source of the Cavan Connection

Local Cavan
The Local Cavan Information Co-op, part of a National initiative to promote Ireland on the Internet and the Internet in Ireland

A good site on his native parish developed by Gerard Alwill, who also developed the St Pats and Kilmore site (see below). I'm a history buff and the history section is particularly good. Ireland Online's "User homepage of the month" in October 1997

Damien's Site
Damien McGuckian from Toronto who's roots are in Mullahoran has developed a site on Cavan

Cavan County Enterprise Board
Local government agency responsible for economic development of the county.

Cavan County Museum

Cavan Schools
A list of Cavan schools with Email addresses and/or websites.

St Pats
St Pats College Cavan was the first Cavan school to develop a website.

St. Bricin's Vocational School, Belturbet

Cavan Monaghan Rural Development Co-op
Funding agency empowered to enhance the social, cultural and economic development of Cavan and Monaghan.

Kingscourt based building materials manufacturer. It shares have been the star performer on the Irish stock exchange for the last 4 year.

Cavan College of Further Studies

Lakeland Dairies
Cavan's biggest dairy Co-op

The Catholic Diocese of Kilmore
Ireland's second diocese to develop a website.

The Church of Ireland Diocese of Kilmore
Includes a list of all the parishes and Ministers. Very useful if you are researching your roots.

Flemings Folly
I discovered a nice website about Fleming Folly, which was developed by an American anthropologist. The folly is a stone structure, which serves no purpose, it was built for the hell of it by a local landlord in the 1800s. It is situated on a hill overlooking the town of Ballinagh.

Kilnaleck Website
Anyone interested in the Kilnaleck area should check out Gerard Lovettís website. Gerard has developed a site dealing with life in the Kilnaleck area, local lakes and industry. It has a good photo of a tractor accident.

Cavan Citizens Information Centre
The centre provides citizens with confidential advice on their rights and entitlements.

Arnhem Veteran
Donald Parker from Cavan town took part in the Allied landing at Arnhem, in Holland, in September 1944. The film "A Bridge To Far" is based on the battle. He was serving with the Glider Pilot Regiment.

Wizard Graphics
The only commercial website included (apart from CavanNet). It was the first Cavan website to go online in late 1995. Features good content on two of Cavanís great houses and a page on the Lakeland Canoe Club.

Cavan GAA
Conor Reilly in Ontario, Canada, has developed a website dealing with Cavan GAA.

General Philip Sheridan
Distinguished US Civil War general from Killinkere, who opened the Mid-West to white settlement. Not a hero to Native Americans

Cadet Sean Cooney from West Point military academy on General Phil.

Thomas Buchanan Read's 1871 painting of General Philip Sheridan during the 1864 Civil War battle of Cedar Creek, near Winchester, Virginia. Sheridan's horse, Rienzi, is preserved and on display in the National Museum of American History.

Maj. Gen. Philip Sheridan and his generals in front of Sheridan's tent, 1864.
This is a very good photo but be warned it's 299k.

Another big photo of Little Phil

The valley project is an ambitious plan to present an enormous amount of material about the US civil in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. It covers Sheridans Valley campaign in 1864-5.
Including the battles of

Sheridans resume

History of Fort Sill
The site of Fort Sill in Oklahoma was staked out on January 8, 1869 by Maj. Gen. Philip H. Sheridan who led a campaign into Indian Territory to stop hostile tribes from raiding border settlements in Texas, Kansas.

Mary Anne Sadlier
Born in Cootehill as Mary Ann Madden, she achieved fame in the US in the last century as a novelist under her married name Sadlier

Hugh Maguire
Hugh Maguire from Crosserlough, fought in the War of Independence and had a distinguished military career in the Irish Army. He died in 1997 and Kevin Myers of the Irish Times wrote a tribute to him

Marcus Daly
Born in the parish of Crosserlough in the 1830s he dominated the US Copper industry in the late 1800s.

Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Irish Times journalist Fintan O'Toole has written a biography of the famous 18th century Cavan playwright. It include an interesting piece about Cavan in the mid 1600s

John Charles MacQuaid
Archbishop of Dublin, John Charles MacQuaid, who died 25 years ago, was born in Cootehill. He was arguably the most powerful and controversial Irish clerics of the 20th century. To coincide with the 25th anniversary of his death the Irish Times ran a series of articles about him.

A chronology of his life.

In McQuaid's Shadow, is an interesting article on the paradoxes of MacQuaid'. On one hand he had a deep concern for the poor and disadvantaged, while on the other he was a ruthless manipulator who had an intelligence network comparable to his hero, J Edgar Hoover.

Ties between Charles Haughey and McQuaid.

The Mother and Child Scheme was a modest proposal to provide pre and post natal care to mothers which, was defeated with ruthless efficiency by John Charles. It turned out to be a hollow victory as it was the opening shots in a war between the Catholic Church and the forces of secularism in Irish society. John Charles won the battle but the church lost the war.

John Charles and his relationship to Eamon de Valera
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