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Mark J. Titorenko. ======== Newsgroups: Subject: Oasis FAQ v2.0 From: (Mark J. Titorenko) Date: Mon, 19 Feb 1996 18:56:04 GMT Oasis FAQ compiled by Mark J. Titorenko v2.0betaish 19/02/96 **Disclaimer** None of the information in this FAQ is official or indeed necessarily true. I take no responsibility for the accuracy of anything in the following document. If any of the information is wrong please mail me and I will correct the appropriate section(s). Anyone who wishes to post this FAQ on a web page or some other internet resource may do so providing the FAQ is left in its original form and the work is not credited as your own. **The FAQ** This is version 2.0 and getting a little bit bigger. I will endeavour to post the most recent FAQ at least once a month on the newsgroup The most recent version can also be found at a WWW site run by Michael Pye (see 5.1 below). So far the topics covered include info on the recent album '(What's the Story) Morning Glory' and previous Oasis releases, the band and some web sites and other places to find Oasis information. Version 2.0 sees the advent of a *Very* Frequently Asked Questions section full of quick questions and answers. Section 1.0: The Band 1.1 Who the hell are Oasis? Section 2.0: The Songs 2.1 The Albums 2.2 The Singles 2.3 New and Impending Releases 2.4 Other Oasis Releases 2.5 Bootlegs Section 3.0: The Drama 3.1 Drummers 3.2 Break-ups 3.3 Tour Cancellations 3.4 *That* "Top Of The Pops" Show 3.5 Noel's AIDS Comment 3.6 Plagiarism? Section 4.0: Other *Very* Frequently Asked Questions! Section 5.0: Information 5.1 O.K. Where do I get more info? 1.0 The Band ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Section 1.1: Who the hell are Oasis?
Oasis are one of the biggest modern indie rock bands to emerge from the recent indie resurgence. The band is made up of five members as follows: Liam Gallagher - Vocals Noel Gallagher - Lead Guitars & Backing Vocals Paul Arthurs - Rhythm Guitar Paul McGuigan - Bass Guitar Alan White - Drums You may have heard the names Bonehead and Guigs - these refer to Paul Arthurs (due to his baldness) and Paul McGuigan. You may also have heard that Tony McCarroll is also in Oasis. For further clarification on this point please see section 3.1: Drummers below. Noel has so far written every song released although Liam is said to have written a couple which Noel has described as "utter shite". Liam did also write the chorus to 'Columbia'. All the band originate from Manchester (and support Man City) apart from Alan who comes from London. 2.0: The Songs ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Section 2.1: The Albums 2.1.1: Definitely Maybe Oasis' debut album 'Definitely Maybe' was released on Creation Records in 1994 and has now gone double platinum. The UK release version contains 11 tracks: 1) Rock 'n' Roll Star 2) Shakermaker 3) Live Forever 4) Up In The Sky 5) Columbia 6) Supersonic 7) Bring It On Down 8) Cigarettes & Alcohol 9) Digsy's Dinner 10) Slide Away 11) Married With Children The album is 52:34 minutes long and is a great buy. Also available for a higher price are the Japanese and other foreign imports. These contain 3 bonus tracks: Whatever, Cloudburst, Sad Song. Sad Song is also available on the UK vinyl album. 2.1.2: (What's The Story) Morning Glory The long-awaited second album was released in the UK on Monday 2/10/95 and (apparently) in the US on 3/10/95. The album was originally to contain 13 tracks including 2 instrumentals, the two versions of 'The Swamp Song'. However, following legal action from Stevie Wonder's record company, the track "Step Out" was removed as it sounded too similar to Stevie Wonder's "Alright". The track list of the CD is now as shown below. 1) Hello 2) Roll With It 3) Wonderwall 4) Don't Look Back In Anger 5) Hey Now 6) The Swamp Song 7) Some Might Say 8) Cast No Shadow 9) She's Electric 10) Morning Glory 11) The Swamp Song 12) Champagne Supernova The album is 51:22 minutes long and comes with the lyrics to all of the songs. The vinyl version of the album also includes a special bonus track, "Bonehead's Bank Holiday" sung by Bonehead himself. Although I haven't heard it myself, Noel described it as being hilarious since Bonehead is tone deaf! This was recently made available by the NME which featured a cover cassette containing the song. "The Swamp Song" and "Champagne Supernova" feature Paul Weller on both guitar and harmonica. He is thanked in the credits for the album as P.W. along with someone called P.H. (see Section 5.1) Section 2.2: The Singles 2.2.1 Supersonic CRESCD 176 Released in 4/94 Track Listing: 1) Supersonic 2) Take Me Away ACOUSTIC 3) I Will Believe (Live) 4) Columbia (White Label Demo) 2.2.2 Shakermaker CRESCD 182 Released in 6/94 Track Listing: 1) Shakermaker 2) D'Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman ACOUSTIC 3) Alive (8-Track Demo) 4) Bring It On Down (Live) 2.2.3 Live Forever CRESCD 185 Released in 8/94 Track Listing: 1) Live Forever 2) Up In The Sky (Acoustic) ACOUSTIC 3) Cloudburst 4) Supersonic (Live April '94) 2.2.4 Cigarettes & Alcohol CRESCD 190 Released in 10/94 Track Listing: 1) Cigarettes & Alcohol 2) I Am The Walrus (Live at Glasgow Cathouse June '94) 3) Listen Up 4) Fade Away 2.2.5 Whatever CRESCD 195 Released in 12/94 Track Listing: 1) Whatever 2) (It's Good) To Be Free 3) Half The World Away ACOUSTIC 4) Slide Away 2.2.6 Some Might Say CRESCD 204 Released on 24/4/95 Track Listing: 1) Some Might Say 2) Talk Tonight ACOUSTIC 3) Aquiesce 4) Headshrinker At the beginning and end of Aquiesce another song can be heard. This has been recognised as a sample from the song 'Morning Glory' yet to be released. 2.2.7 Roll With It CRESCD 212 Released on 14/8/95 Track Listing: 1) Roll With It 2) It's Better People ACOUSTIC 3) Rockin' Chair 4) Live Forever (Live at Glastonbury '95) 2.2.8 Wonderwall CRESCD 215 Released on 30/10/95 Track Listing: 1) Wonderwall 2) Round Are Way 3) The Swamp Song 4) The Masterplan Section 2.3: New and Impending Releases The next single to be released is from the recent album and will be 'Don't Look Back In Anger'. Due to be released in the week of the Brit Awards on the 19th February. B-Sides should include 'Step Out' (the song removed from the album), 'Cum On Feel The Noize' (Slade cover recently performed on Later...), and a new song called 'Beneath The Sky'. After this single anything could happen since they have now released half the songs on the album as singles... Hopefully they will record something new. Section 2.4: Other Oasis Releases Oasis have also released a video called 'Live By The Sea' available from most UK music/video shops. Recorded Live at Southend Cliffs Pavillion on 17/4/95 it includes all the Oasis live favourites. Section 2.5: Bootlegs Many bootleg recordings of Oasis gigs and radio recordings are available. These are widely available at record fairs and in many city markets. Below is (the beginning) of a list of Oasis bootlegs to try and help you choose which of the many to spend your hard earned upon. *** I am starting to try and catalogue them (but haven't got very far!) and I would welcome any reviews with track listings, recording quality, recording dates and an overall impression. I will try to include these in this FAQ and will credit all contributors... Over to you. *** 2.5.1 Black On White KTS 397 I can strongly recommend this Italian bootleg which contains songs recorded from their 1994 tour including a brilliant acoustic version of `Live Forever', and Noel's classic 'Sad Song'. It comes very professionally presented with a photograph filled inset and the recording quality is brilliant. Quality: Excellent Date: 04/94, 06/94, 12/94 Listing: 1) Shakermaker 9) Live Forever 2) Digsy's Dinner 10) It's Good To Be Free 3) Live Forever 11) Married With Children 4) Cigarettes And Alcohol 12) Sad Song 5) Supersonic 13) Talk Tonight 6) Live Forever (acoustic) 14) Whatever 7) Fade Away 15) I Am The Walrus 8) Digsy's Dinner Overall: 9/10 2.5.2 Rock'n'Roll Stars FLIP 003 A good selection of rocking songs on this bootleg with the demo version of 'Fade Away', a great live version of 'Slide Away' and another version of 'I Am The Walrus'. Not brilliantly presented but then, what do you expect from a bootleg? Quality: Fair Date: 04/94, 05/94, 06/94 Listing: 1) Shakermaker 9) Rock'n'Roll Star 2) Digsy's Dinner 10) Up In The Sky 3) Live Forever 11) Cigarettes And Alcohol 4) Cigarettes and Alcohol 12) Shakermaker 5) Supersonic 13) Bring It All On Down 6) Columbia 14) Fade Away 7) Slide Away 15) Married With Children 8) I Am The Walrus 16) Live Forever Overall: 6/10 3.0: The Drama ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Section 3.1: Drummers Oasis were originally formed with drummer Tony McCarroll but apparently, after a punch up with Liam in a Paris strip bar, Tony left the band. The last song recorded with Tony was 'Some Might Say'. Alan White then joined Oasis the day before SMS was to be played on British chart programme 'Top of the Pops' and learnt the drumming overnight! Since Tony left, Noel has been quoted as saying he wanted to rerecord SMS for the new album but Creation Records would not allow it since that would prevent them hyping (WTS)MG as the album containing the hit single SMS. Section 3.2: Break-ups Oasis have been rumoured to have broken up many times, mainly because of tension in the band between brothers Liam and Noel. Noel recently stormed out of recording sessions for the new album in Wales. He also meant to fly back to England after a bust up during the US tour earlier this year. The band however currently seem robust enough to last these break-ups and always seem to reform within a few days! Section 3.3: Tour Cancellations Oasis cancelled their September 1995 tour in the UK running from the 13th September to the 18th officially due to Guigs suffering from exhaustion. The Bournemouth date on the 18th had been previously called off and then reinstated after the Bournemouth International Centre decided that it would be too risky to have an Oasis gig about 500m away from a Blur gig on the same night after all the media rivalry between the two bands. Some Might Say that there was a connection... Without Guigs they hired another bassist Scot MacLeod to try and continue with their American tour. This went as planned for the first few shows but Scot returned home partway through the tour as he was "homesick". However Guigs was soon fit and well to continue and rejoined Oasis in December to allow them to continue with their Earl's Court concerts. Section 3.4: *That* Top Of The Pops Show On the 17th August 1995 Oasis appeared on Top Of The Pops playing their new single "Roll With It". Nothing much out of the ordinary about that, the casual viewer may think, but to a seasoned Oasis fan there was a slight twist. Although the song playing was being sung by Liam, it had been record- ed the day before and Noel was miming to the vocals while Liam pretended to play lead guitar. The funniest moment was the guitar solo at which point Liam made it blatantly obvious that he wasn't playing properly and the band practically fell into fits of laughter. Of course, the idea had been Noel's as a backlash against all the Blur Vs Oasis publicity the bands were getting and it seemed to do the trick! Needless to say the BBC were not too happy as bands are supposed to play live on TOTP. Section 3.5: Noel's AIDS Comment During the height of the Blur vs Oasis media battle, Noel gave an interview with the national newspaper the Observer. Printed in the middle of September, Noel was quoted as saying he wished Alex James and Damon Albarn of Blur would "catch AIDS and die". Obviously this was not the kind of thing to impress the world. I think his letter to Melody Maker the week after the incident sums up what happened: "I would like to apologise to all concerned who took offence at my comments about Damon Albarn and Alex Jaes in an Observer article printed last Sunday. "The off-the-cuff remark was made last month at the height of a "war of words" between both bands, and it must have been the 50th time during that interview that I was pressed to give an opinion of Blur. As soon as I said it, I realised it was an insensitive thing to say as AIDS is no joking matter, and immediately retracted the comment, but was horrified to pick up The Observer and find the journalist concerned chose to still run with it. "Anyone who knows me will confirm that I've always ben sympathetic with the plight of HIV carriers and AIDS sufferers, as well as being supportive of the challenge to raise awareness about AIDS and HIV. "Although not being a fan of their music, I wish both Damon and Alex a long and healthy life." Section 3.6: Plagiarism? Shakermaker = I'd like to teach the word to sing Whatever = How Sweet to be an Idiot (Monty Python song) Step Out = Alright ? ( the Stevie Wonder Song ) Cigarettes and Alcohol = Get it On 4.0: Other *Very* Frequently Asked Questions ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Q) Who is P.H.? A) This question has been bounced around the newsgroup ever since the album was released. Expect to get flamed if you try this one again! The cover notes that come with WTSMG contain all the lyrics to the songs followed by a four paragraph poetic note signed by "P.H. in the summer of '95" P.H. is in fact Paulo Hewitt, biographer to Paul Weller and friends to both him and Oasis. Q) What is a Wonderwall? A) No one seems to know exactly what a Wonderwall is although the following suggestions have been put forward: a) John Lennon used the word instead of wonderful ie. "That's Wonderwall, that is." b) George Harrison's first solo album (while he was still in The Beatles) was thus titled. c) Wonderwall was the title of a 1960s film. Q) Is Wonderwall a cover of an old song by 'Mike Flowers'? A) A couple of weeks after Oasis released 'Wonderwall', Chris Evans played a song on his Radio 1 Breakfast Show which he announced with the words "Does anyone recognise this song?". The song was a cover of the Oasis song transformed into a 50s pastiche. Many people jumped to the wrong conclusions however, and thought that it was Oasis that had covered the song. Noel may sometimes borrow tunes and phrases from other songs but not the whole song claiming it as his own! Q) How did Oasis get their name? A) Again, no-one seems to definitely know where the name Oasis came from. The Radio 1 documentary "What's The Story" containing interviews with the band shed a little more light on the subject. Noel said that when asked he always made something up to make it sound really good. The stories he came up with included using the name of a sports shop in Manchester called "The Oasis", but he said that really the name came from a place he visited while he was roadying for the Inspiral Carpets called the "Swindon Oasis". It's a swimming pool in the centre of Swindon, Wiltshire in Southern England. (This info only comes from the documentary and quite possibly is another of Noel's stories!) Before Noel joined, the other members (Liam, Bonehead, Guigs and Tony) were in a band called "The Rain". Q) What is the best Oasis song? A poll was conducted on a couple of months ago where many people sent in a list of their favourite 10 Oasis songs. I have taken all these articles and compiled a list of the top 10 Oasis songs, according to their fans. 1 mark was given to the song in tenth place while the top song was given 10 marks. The final outcome is shown below: 1) Wonderwall 103 2) Whatever 94 3) Slide Away 92 4) Don't Look Back In Anger 88 5) Live Forever 87 6) Champagne Supernova 83 7) Supersonic 43 8) Acquiesce 39 9) Talk Tonight 38 10) Columbia 37 Please send me your top 10 and I will add them to the survey. Q) Who sings which song? A) Many people who are new to Oasis ask this question! Noel and Liam sound quite different - Liam can hold more of a tune and belt out really rocking songs, while Noel is more suited to acoustic tracks with a more limited vocal range. The following list is "The Definitive Guide To The Voices Of Every Official UK Release Oasis Song" compiled by David Nattriss ( and is included here with his kind permission. The list is in order of the release of each of the records. Song From Singer Backing ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Supersonic Supersonic Liam - Take Me Away Supersonic Noel - I Will Believe (Live) Supersonic Liam - Columbia (White Label Demo) Supersonic Liam Noel Shakermaker Shakermaker Liam Noel D'Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman Shakermaker Noel - Alive (8 Track Demo) Shakermaker Liam - Bring It On Down (Live) Shakermaker Liam - Rock 'n' Roll Star Definitely Maybe Liam Noel Shakermaker Definitely Maybe Liam Noel Live Forever Definitely Maybe Liam Moel Up In The Sky Definitely Maybe Liam - Columbia Definitely Maybe Liam Noel Supersonic Definitely Maybe Liam - Bring It On Down Definitely Maybe Liam - Cigarettes & Alcohol Definitely Maybe Liam - Digsy's Dinner Definitely Maybe Liam - Slide Away Definitely Maybe Liam Noel Married With Children Definitely Maybe Liam - Sad Song Definitely Maybe (LP) Noel - Live Forever Live Forever Liam Noel Up In The Sky (acoustic) Live Forever Noel - Cloudburst Live Forever Liam - Supersonic (Live April '94) Live Forever Liam - Cigarettes & Alcohol Cigarettes & Alcohol Liam - I Am The Walrus Cigarettes & Alcohol Liam - (Live at the Glasgow Cathouse) Listen Up Cigarettes & Alcohol Liam - Fade Away Cigarettes & Alcohol Liam - Whatever Whatever Liam - (It's Good) To Be Free Whatever Liam - Half The World Away Whatever Noel - Slide Away Whatever Liam Noel Some Might Say Some Might Say Liam Noel Talk Tonight Some Might Say Noel - Acquiesce Some Might Say Liam Noel Headshrinker Some Might Say Liam - Roll With It Roll With It Liam Noel It's Better People Roll With It Noel - Rockin' Chair Roll With It Liam - Live Forever (Live at Glastonbury '95) Roll With It Liam Noel Hello (WTS) Morning Glory Liam Noel Roll With It (WTS) Morning Glory Liam Noel Wonderwall (WTS) Morning Glory Liam Noel Don't Look Back In Anger (WTS) Morning Glory Noel - Hey Now (WTS) Morning Glory Liam - (The Swamp Song) (WTS) Morning Glory - - Some Might Say (WTS) Morning Glory Liam Noel Cast No Shadow (WTS) Morning Glory Liam Noel She's Electric (WTS) Morning Glory Liam Noel Morning Glory (WTS) Morning Glory Liam - (The Swamp Song) (WTS) Morning Glory - - Champagne Supernova (WTS) Morning Glory Liam Paul Weller Bonehead's Bank Holiday (WTS) Morning Glory (LP)Bonehead All Wonderwall Wonderwall Liam Noel Round Are Way Wonderwall Liam - The Swamp Song Wonderwall - - The Masterplan Wonderwall Noel - Q) Who is 'Sally' from 'Don't Look Back In Anger'? A) Sally does not exist. There is no Sally. It just fitted the lyrics... OK? Noel explains in an interview with `Loaded` (October 1995): "Oh, and by the way, the chorus, "So Sally can wait", please all the people named Sally, forget it, man. I don't know anybody called Sally. I've never met a girl called Sally in my entire life. I've never been down the alley, it's not about the Sally Army. The words just fit, OK?" Q) What's Quoasis? A) During the Blur vs Oasis war last August, Damon was a guest on a Radio 1 morning show. The show played the new Oasis single "Roll With It" and Damon decided that he thought it sounded like Status Quo and proceeded to sing Status Quo over the top. His comment on the show was that Oasis should be called 'Oasis Quo' but Noel, being a bit upset by Damon's comments and having a sense of humour, parodied Albarn by having shirts made emblazoned with the logo 'Quoasis'. Q) What are the differences between the UK versions and Japanese/US imports? A) I don't know all the differences and would be gratful for any feedback. the only thing I know for sure is that the Japanese version of DM also contains 'Whatever', 'Sad Song' and '(It's Good) To Be Free'. Q) What do all these abbreviations mean? A) The newsgroup uses many abbreviations (to save wear and tear on your keyboard). The major Oasis related ones are listed below: DM - Definitely Maybe C&A - Cigarettes & Alcohol WTSMG - (What's The Story) Morning Glory DLBIA - Don't Look Back In Anger SMS - Some Might Say RWI - Roll With It BBH - Bonehead's Bank Holiday 5.0: Information ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Section 5.1: O.K. Where do I get more info? There are many sources for Oasis information, on the 'net and also in 'real' space. The net resources include the Oasis newsgroup, web sites and mailing lists. To join the Oasis newsgroup just point your News application at the group If it doesn't exist ask your system administrator. Here you can interact with other Oasis fans, asking questions and hopefully answering them for other people. I seriously suggest "lurking" for a week or two before posting as there are many people who are just out to make people's lives difficult (not mentioning any initials STB). Also it would be great if the noise on the group could be kept to a minimum (we have a little trouble with jealous Blur fans and the arguments simply escalate into long, sprawling, boring threads.) To view the web sites, point your Web Browser at the following URL locations (Netscape 1.1 is recommended for many of the web sites): 1) 2) 3) 4) The first is the official Oasis web site where up to the date information on tours, releases and band news can be found. There is also a photo and sound library. The second is run by Michael Pye and called "Oasis: What's The Story". An excellent place to find pictures, guitar tabs, lyrics and this FAQ! I highly recommend it. The final net resource is an unofficial mailing list. To subscribe, mail with a message saying that you want to be placed on the list. Real world Oasis information can be found by subscribing to the official mailing list. Applications can be found in any Oasis singles or albums. Unfortunately, many people have sent these off with no reply - you generally receive postcards and tour information around new release times. If this happens, persevere and send off another application. For a fanzine called "Definitely Oasis" advertised in the newsgroup contact with a 2ukpst subscription fee: Stephanie Sammut 5, Penrith Close Partington Manchester M31 4PG United Kingdom. Definitely Oasis is currently in its ?? fourth issue. **Version Note** New FAQ for a new year. I have great trouble in compiling all this information during my hectic and busy timetable. However here it is... As always any contributions are welcome (although I reserve the right to alter any pieces that are too long or not to the point!) and anyone contributing will be credited. Some of the FAQ may seem a bit ragged. This is because I have been compiling this in spare minutes between other things... It is however just about in a fit state to release. So here you go. **Thanks** I would like to thank everyone on the newsgroup from where I have compiled most of this information. I would also like to thank any other media sources I have used and plead with them not to sue me - this is not for profit, simply for information. If a question mark precedes an item it is information I am unsure of. Any corrections or confirmations of these would be appreciated. When I have more time I am thinking of adding tour dates, history of the band and a few quotes! Please send me any information you think would be useful to incorporate into the FAQ... I'll try to reply promptly to any mail I recieve. Any comments, suggestions, improvements, corrections, additions or more questions etc. should be mailed to me: Mark J. Titorenko> Thanks, Mark. EOF