Anna Mazzoldi: The home page

Hi everybody. My home page is growing, and various things are getting added to it as promised.

The first and most noticeable thing, of course, is that I have added a picture of myself. This is due mostly to the fact that I have acquired a scanner...

Now, there aren't many photographs of myself that I actually like, so I have put up one of those few, even though it's a few years out of date... This is in fact me lighting one of my very first cigarettes while camping somewhere in Elba (I used to smoke a pipe at that time, but that's a different story...)

Apart from which, there are a few new things accessible from these page. There isn't a CV yet, nor any really interesting gossip about myself and my interests, but you never know, something might come up one of these days... These are the links available at the moment:

The Numberless Islands: My AD&D campaign in cyberspace!

and translation
A collection of useful links and resources for translators

An Caorthann: Irish Green magazine on the Web
(I did the Web pages, in case you were wondering...)

And of course, a link to Ireland OnLine's home page, where a lot more interesting links can be found. Ireland OnLine, of course, are my internet providers, and a very nice provider they are too!

So, this is it for the moment. At some point I might come back and do funny things with backgrounds and new Netscape tags, but this is still to be seen...

Yours sincerely,
Anna Mazzoldi