December 10, 1998 marks the 50th anniversary of the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Read a copy of it here (It's not as long as you might think.)

Slane '98      Not great quality, but I have put up a few pictures taken at the 1998 Slane concert.
Check them out here if you feel like it.

Looking for a list of IOL's nodes and phone numbers? Might still be handy if the new 1891 number goes down - or if your usual node is giving problems. Get it here!

I'm still developing this page. There's not a lot new on it, but I have put up a new page that explains how you can
configure Eudora Light so that you can access more than one e-mail account with it.

There's also a page discussing my worry about my growing addiction to the Internet.

I must give a special thank-you to Seamus Leonard who gave me the impetus to put up a homepage in the first place, and e-mailed me simple to follow instructions on the basics of HTML code.

First of all, here's a picture of yours truly. Sorry it's only a passport one, and not even a fairly recent one. You'll find a more recent one if you have a look at the photos on my Slane '98 page (where you will see that my hair's gone a lot greyer since this one was taken. )

Where Do I Live?

I live in the Republic of Ireland, in the county of "Lovely Leitrim". In the future I may put some information on this page about where I live. In the meantime, I point you to three other homepages, which give some details about the county.

John Flynn, who lives only a few miles from me, has a Homepage that includes some details of my local area. You can visit his Homepage by clicking on the link below

John Flynn's Homepage

Charlie Gibbons, a native of Drumshanbo, has put up an excellent page called "Drumshanbo on-Line". It is well worth a visit, and if you want to check it out just click on the link below.

Drumshanbo on-line

And finally, Gary Gartlan of Carrick-on-Shannon has a page devoted to Carrick and the County of Leitrim. This page has a lot of information for anyone who may be interested in this part of Ireland, especially if you are thinking of coming for a holiday. It is a multilingual page as well. Access it below:

The Carrick-on-Shannon Homepage


If, like me, you are concerned about the state of the "peace process" in Northern Ireland, why don't you click on the peace dove above? This will take you to the "White Ribbon Peace Page" and you might like to sign the petition there. There's a pencil below (and one above in case you break it), if you do decide to sign the petition.


I am very concerned about the pressures that the Irish Environment is subject to nowadays. Here's a few links to pages that deal with this topic:-

Icarus Environmental Watch Ireland An excellent page which looks at many of the pressures facing the Irish environment, including those from intensive agriculture, forestry, water pollution, badly made planning decisions, and much, much more. It is bang up-to-date, and I highly recommend it.
The Irish Environment This page contains some good information, but has not been up-dated for a while. It is still worth a look, though. Whilst there, why don't you email the author and suggest that (s)he thinks about bringing it up-to-date?
Green Party Ireland Check out the homepage of the Irish Green Party
Greenpeace Ireland Have a look at Greenpeace Ireland's homepage, and see what their current campaigns are.


Here are a few sites from which you can download some really cool software to make your time on the web even more exciting.

The "Tucows" site contains a comprehensive list of software for Windows 3.x and Windows95. I can highly recommend it. The pages are well laid out and simple to follow. You can access it by clicking on the "tucows" below:

Another good site is the Gorm's applications page. He has an extensive range of clients available for download, and tends to keep the site up-to-date.


I'm also responsible (or do I mean to blame? ) for the Sligo and Region Internet Users homepage. This has a link to another page containing some useful software. Check it out - even if you aren't looking for software, it contains links to some useful pages about the Sligo region.



If, like me, you enjoy a good joke, why don't you try some of the following sites, where you will find all sorts of humour.

Some of these sites also contain links to other humour sites.

Note that some of the humour may be of the "adult" variety.

Stephen's Humor Archive

The Ultimate Dr. Seuss Page

StarTrek [The Next Generation] Humor

I suppose it is only correct that I should provide a link to IRELAND ON-LINE my internet provider, who has made it possible for me to put this page on the world-wide web.

Finally, if you would like to e-mail me, hopefully you can contact me by simply

clicking here.

You are visitor number to this page since 21 Sept 1996. (Special thanks to Padhraig Fox for explaining how to put up this counter, in terms that even I could understand.)

Bye for now.


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