Socrates Programme Comenius Action 1

This project is being funded by the European Community through the Irish Agency, Leargas. We are very grateful for all the support and guidance we have received from Leargas.

Some of the materials being used in the project were designed as part of a European funded project with the Irish National Teachers Organisation. The designers were Claire Bradley, Jennifer O'Connell and Seamus O'Neill. We are grateful to the INTO for permission to pilot these materials. Other materials are being designed as part of our Comenius project through transnational meetings with all the partners in the project.

The school in Germany is: Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

The school in Sweden is: Bergsbyskolan in Skelleftea

Aims and Objectives of the Project

The aim of the project is to provide the children with cross-curricular learning activities that can contribute to their overall development by helping them to have an increased awareness of their own culture and language(s) and those of the other two participating countries. We are proposing to link children of a variety of ages (7 - 12 years) who will work in teams at a level suited to them. The project will primarily be done on the internet through the use of scanner, e-mail and web pages for presentation and dissemination of final outcomes. We would also like to include video conferencing if possible.

The objectives of the project are as follows:
The project will:
-promote the development of positive attitudes towards Europe and of the contribution of the individual countries to its growth and development;
-develop the use of information and communication technologies to improve the quality of shared educational projects;
-strengthen co-operation between schools by making the outcomes of the project available on our web sites;
-promote an improvement in knowledge of the cultures and languages of european countries;
-develop the children's motivation and capacity to communicate in a foreign language;
-promote equal oportunities for boys and girls.

The approach will be as follows:

Beginning from the focus on me by each child we move through the other four levels of the project (me in my school, me in my local area, me in my country, me in Europe), working in teams and using shared materials, and will present the outcomes on our web pages on the internet. This work will enhance other areas of the curriculum and will include both written and pictorial representation of the work of the children. This work will be disseminated widely (to other schools and homes) through e-mail and web pages. Children will also make project posters which will be sent by post to each country.

The outcomes of this project will:

- enable teachers and children to get to know each other thus encouraging good teamwork and intercultural understanding;
- facilitate maximum participation by children by involving as wide a cross-section as possible;
- enable the participating teachers and children to make decisions, solve problems and develop and increased understanding of the ways of representing information;
- enable the integration of european culture/language awareness programmes with the regular activities of the the school.

The concrete end products will be:

Course materials designed by teachers; creation of virtual reality of being in another country on the internet; web pages and project posters of final presentation.

The project will run from March 1998 until March 1999.

Once we received approval in March 1998 all three countries began work on the project as planned:

Project 1 - Me in My School

Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Bergsbyskolan, Sweden

Project 2 - Me in my Local Area


Project 3 - Me in my country

Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Project 4 - Me in Europe

Bergsbyskolan, Sweden
Schleswig-Holsein, Germany

Principal's Study Visit to Mildstedt

In October 1998 Sally had a meeting in Midstedt with the Principal of Schleswig-Holstein, Dieter Weidt, and the English Teacher, Hans Holm and Ulf Westphal, the teacher with responsibility for the Comenius Project. This visit was funded as part of the Principals' Study Visit scheme as part of our Comenius Project.

Jennifer O'Connell, the Project Co-Ordinator also had a meeting with Ulf Westphal in October and this was a great opportunity to evaluate the project so far and to plant for the second year of the project. This meeting was held in Mildstedt and afforded a valuable opportunity to see the school and to learn more about Nord Friesland.

May meeting of teachers from all three schools.

Eva Astrom from Sweden and Ulf Westphal from Germany visited Dublin between the 29th April and 6th May. We were delighted to welcome them to the NDNSP and the great thing was that they were able to meet all the teachers and children in the school. Now we can all put faces to those names! Planning meetings were held to further develop the project and the visit, which was funded by the EU as part of our Comenius Project, was very worthwhile for all concerned.

From left to right: Eva, Ulf and Jennifer

April 1998

Carol-Ann, fourth class teacher who has been working the project with her class, visited Skelleftea and had meetings with the teachers in Skelleftea. This visited was funded by the EU as part of our Comenius Project.

Why not read about the success of 6th Class Soccer Team in France and how they enjoyed learning about other cultures and mixing with children from 8 different European Countries.

If you would like more information on this project contact Jennifer O'Connell (Project Coordinator) at NDNSP
Telephone: +3531 837 1620 or
send an email to ndnsp

More to follow :-) - Watch this space!

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