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Newcastle Lyons, Co. Dublin, Ireland






Click a link to download some tunes. Using explorer, right click and select download target. Using Netscape, click and select download.

Irish National Anthem Sleigh Ride Rudolf the red nosed..
Barbie Girl (Aqua) The A-Team Yesterday's gone
Auld Lang Syne Blues Brothers Braveheart
Canon in D (Pachelbel) White Christmas Muppet Show
Thubthumpin! Voyager X-Files
Animaniacs Tears in heaven ThX!

Why not use these midi files on your own webpages (like we've done)....

How to...

Simply insert the HTML tag 'bgsound'. Be warned though, early versions of Netscape and any Explorers older than 3.02 will not hear the music. If you can hear music now, that means your ok! Here's the format of the tag...

<bgsound src="*.*" loop="1"

Where *.* is the name of any *.mid (midi) or *.wav (wave) file you have. Loop does just what it says on the tin - loops! Set loop to -1 to get an eternal loop. Place this HTML in the page header for it to work right - happy coding!!

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