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"He'll be a great man, he'll do great things for Ireland" - Collins' father to his six-year-old son on his deathbed

Collins, as always dapper-suited. Like all legends, his was captured in the most cruel yet effective way possible. It was a sultry evening on August 22, 1922 when a shot rang out across the normally quiet valley of Beal na mBlath in West Cork, killing one of the most promising leaders in Irish history.

Collins achievements were many: he helped fight the British to a stalemate by changing the rules of warfare and setting up an intelligence network to rival the Empire's. He helped negotiate a treaty which gave Ireland the first stepping stone to become a a Republic and oversaw Ireland's turbulent transition to democracy.

His achievements were, however, not without a price. He preciptated the bloody War of Independence against the British and the treaty deal brought back from London split the country into two fiercely opposing halves and plunged the country into the throes of a traumatic civil war.

This site is intended to provide an objective analysis of Michael Collins, his life and legend.

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