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Bibliography: Education

A Traveller's Guide
Conference Proceedings from the Intercultural Education Celebrating Diversity Conference
Dublin Travellers Education and Development Group
Glocklai - Journal of the association of Teachers of Travelling People - Vol2 No 3-4
Newsline No 14
Resource Centre
Travellers Education Service - Informational Sheets
British Journal of Special Education 12(1) 1985 pp 6-8 Gypsy Education: at the Crossroads
ACERT ACERT information booklet
ACERT Advisory Council for the Education of Romany and other Travellers annual reports
ACERT - Advisory Council for the Education of Romany and other Travellers ACERT Annual Report 1993/1994 - Education for all: continuing working for equal rights
ACERT - Advisory Council for the Education of Romany and other Travellers Section 39 Public Order Act 1986 - ACERT response to Home Office Review 1990
ACERT - Advisory Council for the Education of Romany and other Travellers Swann Report on Traveller Education
ACERT - Advisory Council for the Education of Romany and other Travellers The Education of Gypsy and Traveller Children
Acton, Thomas From educational disadvantage to multiculturalism - the case of the Gypsies
Acton, Thomas Gypsies
Acton, Thomas Gypsy Education at the cross-roads
Acton, Thomas Lila Kai Penema Sar Barovena e tikne Roma: material for the study of the education of Travelling children
Adult Literacy and Basic Skills Unit Special development projects report No. 3
Adult Literacy Project (Editor: Paddy Houlahan) Walls Around My Mind
Advisory Council for the education of Romany and other Travellers The Education of gypsy and traveller children (conference proceedings Centre for Gypsie research 5 July 1989)
Allan, John and Bardsley, Penny Transient children in the elementary school: a group counselling approach
Amor, Carol and Longmore, Dennis Mary and Kizzy
Andereck, M. E. Ethnic Awareness and the School
Anne Hope and Sally Timmel Training for Transformation A Handbook for community Workers No 1
Anne Hope and Sally Timmel Training for Transformation A Handbook for community workers No 2
Anne Hope and sally Timmel Training for Transformation A Handbook for Community workers No 3
Applin, Barbara Appleby Fair
Aries, P Centuries of Childhood
ATTP Glocklai. Journal of Association of Teachers of the Travelling People, Ireland
Bancroft A., Lloyd M., Morran R. The Right to Roam - Travellers in Scotland 1995/96
Bateman, Jack Gypsy intake
Bennett, Paul Fairgrounds
Bethell, Andrew Eyeopener Two (visual material)
Binns, D and Gunby, J Directory of Gypsy sites and educational provision for travellers in the North of England
Binns, Deni Traveller Education - the Journal of Traveller's Education Today
Binns, Dennis A Gypsy Booklist for Schools
Binns, Dennis Education and the Gypsy
Boyle, Anne T A Profile of the Special Preschools for Traveller Children
Britton, Robbie Will you teach me to read, Missus? Rom children in a Cambridgeshire school
Buckland, Don G. The education of Travelling Children
Burdett, Ann The education of Travellers' children in Sheffield
Burke, R; Stanley, D The Romano Drom Song Book 2nd Ed
Camera Talks LTD Caring for young children: a tape-slide set produced....for the Save the Children Fund
Cannon, Dave Contacts publications and other resources for work with adult Travellers
Cannon, David The Education of adult and young adult Travellers (Post-graduate dissertation)
Cannon, J. and Lee, M. and Mends, B. The Educational Needs of Adult Travellers
Canon, D. Travellers and Education in Inner London
Carter, Dee and Madden, Sandy Address to Advisory Committee for the education of Romany and other Travellers
Carter, Dee and Madden, Sandy Adult literacy with Travellers
Carter, Dee and Madden, Sandy Report of Literacy class
Catholic teachers Association, Loreto College The Education of Travelling People in Manchester
Centre for Gypsy Research The education of Gypsy and Traveller Children
Centre for Information and advice on educational disadvantage The Education of traveller's children: a report of a conference held by the Centre for Information and Advece in Educational Disadvantage, 8-9 November 1977
Centre for Racial Equality Annual Report of the Commission for Racial Equality
Centre on Educational Disadvantage The Education of Travellers' Children
Champ, Penny The education of Traveller children (University disserttion awarded first class honours)
Church, M An end to moving on
Clare Travellers' Development Group Travellers Accommodation, Education, Social and Pastoral Work, Sport - Report on the Current needs of the Travelling Community in County Clare
Clarke, Madeline Training for Travellers'
Coilson, Helena and Casavant, Collette Education of Irish Traveller Children: some special issues
Commision of the European Communities Report on The Education of Migrants' Children in the European Union
Commission of the EC School provision for Gypsy and Traveller children: orientation document for reflection and for action
Committee to Monitor the Implementation of Government Policy on Travelling People First Report of the Committee to Monitor the Implementation of Government Policy on Travelling People
Committee to monitor the implementation of Government policy on Travelling People Sixth Report, Committee to Monitor The Implementation of Government Policy on Travelling People
Cotteril, Riejie Education on the Road
Council for Cultural Co-operation 35th Council of Europe Teachers' Seminar 'Schooling for Gypsies' and Travellers' children: evaluating innovation'
Council for Cultural Co-operation School Provision for Gypsy and Traveller Children: distance Learning and pedagogical follow-up
Council of Europe Gypsies in the locality: Report on the colloquy held in Liptovsky Mikulas (Slovakia) 15-17 Oct 1992
Crikley, Stasia Traveller Participation in the Education System
Crosscare Celebrating Difference
Csapo, Marg Concerns related to the education of romany students in Hungary, Austria and Finland
Daly, Helena A survey of Educational Provision for Traveller Children in N. Ireland
Daly, Helena Survey Project on Adult Travellers' Literacy and Numeracy Levels
Deadman, R. Child Minorities: Gypsies
DEGS/EGT (88)42E Government Publications Sales Office, Dublin Kushti-bet, an alphabet rhyme colouring book
DEGS/EGT (88)42E Government Publications Sales Office, Dublin Towards multicultural education: training for teachers of Gypsy pupils, Report from seminar, 9-13 June 1989
Dempsey, M. and Geary, R. C. The Irish Itinerants: some demographic, economic and educational aspects
Dennis Binns Children's Literature and the Role of the Gypsy
Dennis, E. F. Traveller children and educational disadvantage in Ireland
Department of Education (Ireland) Committee Report: Educational Facilities for the Children of Itinerants
Department of Education and Science The education of Travellers Children
Department of Education and Science: Central Advisory Council for Education Children and their primary schools: a report of the Central Advisory Council for Education
Dept of Education Defining a gypsy
Dept. of Education The Education of Traveller Children in National Schools - Guidelines
Dept. of Environment HMSO Counting Gypsies
Derringham, C. and Thorp, S. Racism and travellers - school and teacher responses - a training and discussion pack
Devon County Council Devon Approach to Traveller education
Dowber, Hilary Travellers and school
Dublin Travellers Education and Development Group Traveller Women Getting Involved
Dublin Travellers Education and Development Group Travellers Getting Involved - Towards Community Development with Travelling People
Dublin Travellers Education and Development Group Second Development Programme for Travelling People
Duckenfield, Mike Gypsy 'IQ' found to be average
Dwyer, C Seven Years of Progress? Third Report on the Educational Needs of Traveller People
Dwyer, C Three Years Later: Follow-up report in Educational Provision for and Needs of Travelling People
Dwyer, Sr, Collette Report on educational provision for and needs of Travelling children
Dwyer, Sr. Colette Education and training for Travellers - Fourth Triennial Report
Dwyer, Sr. Colette and Oxon, S.H.C.J. M.A. The Education, Training and Employment of Travellers - 21 years on - 1988 Report of the National Co-ordinator for the Education of Travellers
Dwyer, Sr. Collette The problems facing Travelling children in their struggle to acquire education
Dwyer, Sr. Collette The Travelling People and Education
Easterbrook, Sue Granny's Land
Ed Viver Learning to be Literate
Editor - Colette Murray Side by Side - A Child Care Course for Travellers
Editor - Gashin, Hope Traveller Education, the Journal of Traveller Education today
Editors - Sally Naylor, Mary Waterson, Mary Whiffin The Education of Gypsy and Traveller Children - action research and co-ordination
Eli, Romani Poet and story teller The Stick
Ennis Itinerents settlement Committee Ennis Itinerents settlement Committee Report
European Community Conference European Community Conference 'Working Party for Gypsy Education' Europe 92
European Federation for the Education of the children of the occupational Travellers EFECOT Education for children of occupational Travellers in Europe
FAS and Dept of Ed and ESF Making the Grade-A Guide to be used in conjunction with video of same name, Written by teacher in Traveller Training Centre Funded by FAS and Dept of Ed and ESF
Fitzsimons, Miriam Special Classes in Primary Schools
Frankham, Eli The Stick
Frossard, Rev. Emilien The Gypsies in France
Gaskin, Julia Traveller Education
Gautier, H. The schooling of families without fixed abode
Gertach, L., Hillier, S., Bennett, J. and Hearty, D. Moving on (photos)
Gladbaum, H. Traveller Education Service - Information for Schools - An Equal Opportunity Perspective
Godden, Rumer The Diddakoi
Grayson, Denis For Gypsies - a card, a mobile and a specialist
Griffiths, Teresa Literacy Levels and Needs of Traveller women in Leeds
Gross-Nicolin, Maria and Osella, Carla Gypsy's School
Gypsy and Traveller Support Group (Sheffield) Write here - An adult literacy Centre for Travellers 1981-3
Hardisty, John Travellers in Adult Basic Education: issues and suggestions
Hartcup, Adeline Learning on Site
Harvey, Dennis The Gypsies - Wagon Time and After
Headley, Dave Keeping the travellers on the move
Her Majesty's Inspectors of Schools The education of pupils with learning difficulties: progress report by HM Inspectors
HMSO, swann et al Education for All: the report of the committee of inquiry into the education of children from ethnic minority groups (the Swann Report)
Humberside County Council Education Department Traveller education in Humberside - Policy and Guidelines
Humberside Traveller Education Service Kusti-bet - an alphabet rhyme colouring book
Hurry, Dorothy Teaching the Travellers
ILEA Travellers Team Alphabet stories
Inner London Traveller Education Team Directory of Traveller Education Provision in SE Region
Irish Government Committee to Monitor the Implementation of Government Policy on Travelling People - Fifth Report
Irish Government Committee to Monitor the Implementation of Government Policy on Travelling People - second report
Irish Government Committee to Monitor the Implementation of Government Policy on Travelling People - seventh report
Irish National Teachers' Organisation Travellers in Education
Irish Traveller Movement Education and Travellers
Irish Traveller Movement Group Travellers Learning
ITM Response to Green Paper Education for a changing world
ITM and DTEDG Report on EC Gypsy Traveller Education Seminar at Bellinter Conference Centre, Navan, Ireland from 1 to 4 July 1993
Ivatts, Arthur Problems of education policy design and implementation for a cultural minority - Gypsies Paper
Ivatts, Arthur The Education of Traveller Children
Ivatts, Arthur Robert and Juliet, M. Catch 22 Gypsies
Jessel, Camilla Gypsy children learn to fit in
Johnstone, Mog Fairground Family
Jordan, E. Education: your rights and responsibilities: a booklet for Traveller parents
Jordan, E. et al Education for Travellers: a module for Masters level in distance learning formet
Jordan, Elizabeth Education for Traveller children: A modular development Group
Jordon, Elizabeth Education for Travellers chapter (p110-122) in teacher education for equality
Journal - Irish Educational Studies Vol. 7 Traveller People and the Education System
Kaldi, Leita Alternative education for the Romany
Kaldi, Leita An alternative school for Gypsies
Karpati, Mirella Special schools for the Tziganes in Italy Paper
Kaye Geraldine Pegs and Flowers
Kaye, G. Nowhere to go
Kaye, Geraldine Billy Boy
Kaye, Geraldine Christmas is a Baby
Kaye, Geraldine Nowhere to stop
Kaye, Geraldine Runaway Boy
Kaye, Geraldine Tawno, Gypsy Boy
Kaye, Geraldine and Ward A different sort of Christmas
Kemrick, Donald The portrayal of the Gypsy in english school-books
Kenny, M Education Provision for Traveller and Refugee Children: Promoting Achievement
Kenny, M Ethnic Resistance to Education in the discourse of Irish Travellers
Kenny, M La Scolarisation des Enfants Tsiganes et Voyageurs: Recherche Action et Coordination
Kenny, M Travellers at School: a Teacher's Perspective
Kenny, M Understanding what we see and hear: Travellers and second-level schooling
Kenny, Mairin A case for Celebration
Kenny, Mairin Integrate whom? into what?
Kenny, Mairin It's like South Africa
Kenny, Mairin Let's celebrate: Travellers and the classroom
Kenny, Mairin Research action in education in Ireland
Kenny, Mairin The Education of Children of Gypsies and Travellers - Report on Secondary/Vocational Education
Kenny, Mairin The Routes of Resistance: Travellers and Second Level Schooling
Kenny, Mairin Travellers and the Classroom
Kenrick, Donald Gypsies: Why learn about them?
Kent Travellers Educational Service New Travellers
Kesteven, Ann Coldharbour Traveller Education Project Report 1985-1990
Kiddle, Catherine What shall we do with the children?
Kiddle, Cathy A school for Gypsies: Romany guild school in a bus
King, J Community life for ordinary people
Kingshill, Jane Review of the Shadow on the Chese
Larder, David and Roberts, Barrie W Travelling School
Leicestershire County Council All the fun of the fair - Loughborough Fair
Leicestershire County Council The Nottingham Goose Fair
Liegeois Jean-Pierre Gypsies and Travellers - Dossier for the Intercultural Training of Teachers
Liegeois Jean-Pierre La Scolarisation des infants tziganes et voyageurs
Liegeois, Jean Pierre Schooling for Gypsies' and travellers' children: evaluating inovation
Liegeois, Jean-Pierre School Provision for Gypsy and Traveller Children - A synthesis report
Liegois, Jean Pierre 35th Council of Europe Teachers' Seminar Schooling for Gypsies' and Travellers' children: evaluation, innovation
Liegois, Jean Pierre European teachers' seminar on 'Towards Intercultural Education: Training for Teachers of Gypsie Pupils
Liegois, Jean Pierre Gypsy children in school: training for teachers and other personnel
Liegois, Jean Pierre Twentieth Council of Europe Seminar on 'The Training of teachers of gyspy children'
Liegois, Jean-Pierre European Teachers' seminar on 'Towards Intercultural Education: Training for Teachers of Gypsy Pupils
Logan, J Travellers' social controls and codes (MEd Thesis)
Longmore, Dennis Travellers from the Stars
Love, John and Edwards, Carey Issues - Gypsies
Mac Aonghusa, Maire The Alienation of Travellers from the Educational System
Mac Aonghusa, Maire and O'Flanagan, Sr. Brigid Submission on Special Post-primary Education for Travellers
MacAonghusa, Maire The alienation of Travellers from the educational system
MacCallum, R.E. The Caithness Tinkers: a people out of line
MacKillop, J Ethnic minorities in Sheffield
MacNamara, Tony Educational Survey of itinerant children
Mairin Kenny The participation of Travellers in second level education in Ireland: a Report
Males, Stewart A mobile teaching unit for Gypsy children
Males, Stewart Notes on the children of Travellers
Manchester Traveller Education Service Gavvered all Around
Manchester Traveller Education Service National Directory of Educational provision for travellers
Manchester Travellers' School Childrens' literature and the role of the Gypsy
Manchester Travellers' School Education and the Gypsy
Maughan, Nan I remember wagon time
Mc Grath, K. Gypsy or Gorgio?
Mc Kernan, James Some social factors affecting the educational participation and attainment of itinerant children in the Galway area
Moorhead, Caroline Our school is a moving school
Moray House College, Holyrood Educating Traveller Children - a guide for regions
Morris, Sr. Immaculata Turn - Adult Literacy Worksheets
Morris, Sr. Margaret Immaculee Turn Adult Literacy Worksheets (Draft)
NATC National Association of Training Centres for Travelling People - Lottery Funding Information
National Co-Ordinator for Education of Travelling Children Guidelines for Training centres for travelling people
National Co-Ordinator for Education of Travelling Children Seven years of progress?
National Co-Ordinator for Education of Travelling Children The Education of Travelling Children
National Co-Ordinator for Education of Travelling Children Three years later
National Co-ordinator for the Education of Travellers The Education, Training and Employment of Travellers - 21 years on
National Council for Travelling People A Great Day for St. Kieran's - annual report
National Gypsy Council Education report 1978 with an historical account 'The Travelling community in Britain'
National Gypsy Education Council Handbook for Summer School
National Gypsy Education Council The Travelling Man and other Stories - an anthology of writing by Gypsy and Traveller children
Navan Travellers Committee Pride and Prejudice: The Case of The Travellers
Neville, Maureen Words for Power: A Literacy Manual for Adult Travellers
Ni Shuintear, Sinead (translation by ) Interface - Gypsies and Travellers, Education, Training, Youth
Norfolk County Council Education information for Fairground and Circus Parents
Norfolk Traveller Education Service, Shaun's Wellies
Northampton Travellers Education Service Racism and Travellers
Norton, M and Blume, M Fund Raising: a handbook for minority groups
O'Boyle, M The Alienation of Travellers from the Education System: a Study in Values Orientation
O'Briain, Tomas The education of Travellers Children: the perspective of some Travellers on educational provision (Thesis M.Ed.)
O'Gara Mary The education and training of Travellers in Galway city (Thesis: M.Ed.)
O'Hanlon, C. What is your school doing for Travellers? a staff development pack and booklet
O'Nuallain, Sinead and Forde, Mary Changing needs of Irish Travellers - Health, Education and Social Issues
O'Reilly M., Numan S., Brady P., Hyland B. Celebrating Difference - An Intecultural Programme for Senior Primary Classes
O'Reilly, Michael Playing with pictures - a resource pack for teachers of Travellers
O'Reilly, Michael The Education of Children of Gypsies and Travellers
O'Reilly, Michael With Travellers - A handbook for Teachers
Odley, Tom Dirty Gyppo
Orchard, Dorothy The life story of may Orchard
Parish of the Travelling People Do you know us at all? Educational Module about Ireland's Indigenous Travelling People
Parish of the Travelling People First Communion and Penance and Confirmation
Parish of the Travelling People Worksheets Parish Co-ordinated Programme First Communion and Penance, Confirmation
Patterson, Geoffrey The lion and the Gypsy
Patterson, Jose A Circus Child
Patterson, Jose A Traveller Child
Patterson, Jose Education: Travellers' children in junior education (May)
Patterson, Jose Hints for Teachers
Patterson, Jose Taking school to the Fairgrounds
Patterson, Jose Taking the plunge - swimming instruction for Traveller children
Pavee Point Pavee Point Response to the White Paper on Education 'Charting Our Education Future'
Pavee Point, Dublin Report on EC Gypsy/Traveller Education 1st-4th July Bellinter Conference Centre, Navan
Peelo, Mick Who Cares?
Plowden, Lady Bridging the gap between Gypsy child and school life
Plowden, Lady Gypsies: why a great deal need to be done
Plowden, Lady The education of Gypsy children
Publisher - Clarecare, Ennis Report on Traveller education Clarecare Ennis 1992-93 / 1993-94
Publisher - Knight and Bishop Associates Ltd. Gypsies and Travellers a pack for schools
Publisher - Lewisham Bridge Publications Travellers and School, Travellers in Lewisham talk of their experiences of school
Publisher - Travellers school Travellers school annual report, school for New Age Travellers
Publisher - Univ of Herts Press The Education of Gypsy and Traveller children - Action research and co-ordination
Raymond, Patricia Travelling People and the Law: what should we do about gypsies
Reid, Dodie Silly Jake
Reilly, Goodily Moving with the times
Reiss, Christopher Education of Travelling Children
Riordan, James Russian Gypsy Tales
Roberts, Penny Steps in Setting up Adult Literacy Work with Travellers
Roberts, Penny Training needs of young Travellers
Roberts, Penny Travellers Adult Literacy Project, Newsletter
Robertson, Stanley Exodus to Alford
Robey, Sally Tyso's Promise
Robinson, Pauline The Circus Children. Paper
Romanet et al Report on problems involved in education of Gypsy children
Rush, Peter Travellers Tales
Ryan, Ellen A Sociological Analysis of Traveller Education in Ireland
Sagan, F. Painting in Blood
Saunders, Peter A study of the validity of Travellers' drop-in centres for citizens' advice work, adult education and community development (MEd. dissertation)
Save the Children Reaching Travellers: guidelines for working with Travellers on adult basic skills
Save the Children Right to Roam: Travellers in Scotland (1995-1996)
Save The Children (NI) The Education of Traveller Children - Equality of Opportunity for an Ethnic Minority Group?
Scottish Community Education Council Working with Travelling people: good practice guidelines for community and adult basic education
Scratton, Philip Gypsy Education: a question of responsibility
Series - Education, 26 October 1984 p332 Why Gypsies do better on official sites
Series - National Gypsy Council 1972 The shadow on the cheese: some light on gypsy education
Series - Traveller Education No.10 Special South Wales Issue, Stories, news, reviews
Series - Traveller Education No.21 Circus Special; fairground New Zealand
Series - Traveller Education No.22 Fairground and New Age in Hungary, Rajastan, Brazil
Series - Traveller Education No.25 Binns on Gypsy Press
Series - Traveller Education No.27 Classroom reports, New Age Travellers, Australia, Ireland
Sinclair, Olga Gypsies
Sinclair, Olga Gypsy Girl
Smith, B. Oakley The turnings in the road to Gypsy education
Somerset County Council Starting Equal - Staying Equal - education of Traveller children
Splete, Howard and Rasmussen, Jeanette Aiding the Mobile Child
Stangroome, Vicki Health Education and Primary Health Care for New Age Travellers
Stanley, Denise and Burke, Rosy The Romano Drom Song Book
Stapleton, Marjorie Make things the Gypsies made
Suffolk County council Travellers Homes
Swann Chapter 16 of Swann Report on Travellers
Swann Digest of Swann Report
Tanner, Gill Going to the fair
Teachers for Travellers Children: The teachers for Travellers
The National Association of Training Centres for Travelling People Travellers Training Centres - Submission on Government Green Paper 'Education for a changing World'
The National Gypsy Education Council Multiracial School. The National Gypsy Education Council 2:2
The Travellers' Resource Base, Norwich Norfolk Traveller education Service
Times Educational Supplement, 9 April 1976 New Deal may be on the way for travellers
Tinker, Mark Fenmen fight shy of the Gypsies
Tobin, G., Berkeley, J. Travellers: a SCIP teaching pack
Training Advice Education for Travellers in West London Training Advice Education for Travellers in West London - Annual Report 1993
Travellers Education Unit. Swansea Traveller Awareness
Unspecified Education and Travellers (Draft)
Unspecified France: education of the children of Travellers. Paper
Unspecified Gypsies and Travellers pack for organisations
Unspecified Paisti an Lucht Taistil - Dreacht Curaclaim
Unspecified Tootsey and the Pups; On the Reservation; The Black Unicorn and other stories
Unspecified Vocational Preparation Life and Social Skills Project for Young Travellers
Various Training Advice Education for Travellers in West London - Annual Report 1992
Various Travellers getting involved
Vernon, Betty Schools on wheels for the young Gypsy
Wadding, Deirdre and Rice, Elma Report on the Education of Travellers in the North Inner City (special classes)
Wallbridge, John The Shadow on the Cheese: some light on Gypsy education
Waterson, Mary The Travellers' Child
West Midlands Traveller School West Bromwich Summer School 1973
West Midlands Travellers' School 10 Reading Book
Whiffin, Mary Information Booklet
Wickham, Jenny Abbey Wood Traveller Project
Williams, Duncan Fireside Tales of the Traveller Children
Williamson, Duncan May the Devil walk behind ye!
Williamson, Duncan The Broonies, Silkies and Fairies
Wiltshire Traveller Education Service A Horse for Joe
WMESTC Somebody told me
Wood, Manfri Frederick In the life of a Romany gypsy
Working party on Gypsy Education Report of the Working party on Gypsy Education 1992
Worrall, Dick Gypsy Education: a study of provision in England and Wales

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