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Pavee Point Publications

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All books are paperback. Prices are given in Irish pounds.

About Pavee Point

Pavee Point Annual Review 1996-1997
An overview of the organisation's achievements and challenges over the past two years. Free.
Pavee Point Strategic Plan 1995-1999
A Programme of activities. Price 2. ISBN: 1-897598-12-2

Traveller Culture

Travellers: Nomads of Ireland
Designed as a textbook for use in schools, this richly illustrated paperback is an excellent introduction to Traveller culture. 9
[See the condensed version on-line in the Gallery.]
Pavee Pictures
With photos by award-winning photographer Derek Speirs and an introductory essay by journalist Fintan O'Toole, this book celebrates Travellers and Traveller culture.    Price 8. ISBN: 1-897598-02-5
Traveller Ways, Traveller Words
A book on Traveller lifestyle, customs, cures and beliefs, in the words of seventeen Travellers. Price 5. ISBN: 1-897598-00-9
A Heritage Ahead: Cultural Action and Travellers
A series of articles focusing on cultural action as a strategy for the promotion of Travellers Rights. Price: 4.00 ISBN 1-897598-17-3
Fact Sheets
Basic information sheets on Irish Travellers. Price 50p. Available on-line.
Travellers Resource Pack
Includes pamphlets on the Traveller economy, culture, and sexism, which provide a summary of information, quotes and exercises in these areas, for groups to use in their development work. Price 5.00

Social Exclusion and Travellers, Roma and Gypsies

Anti-Racist Law And The Travellers
An examination of racism from a Traveller perspective along with an assessment of necessary legal redress. Price 5. ISBN: 0-9520155-3-6
Roma, Gypsies, Travellers of Europe:  An Examination of Discrimination and Racism
A report detailing the status of Roma, Gypsies, and Travellers all over Europe and concluding with an important series of recommendations, which will be used by Roma, Gypsies and Travellers, and groups lobbying on their behalf, in the fight against racism. 6
Travellers in Ireland:  An Examination of Discrimination and Racism
A report from the Irish National Co-ordinating Committee for the European Year Against Racism, highlighting the level of racism against Travellers in Ireland, and concluding with potential anti-racist strategies. Available on-line.  4
DTEDG File: Irish Travellers: New Analysis and New Initiatives
A selection of papers given by DTEDG at seminars and conferences in Ireland and abroad. Price 3. ISBN: 1-897598-01-7
Reach Out
This is a comprehensive report of the work of DTEDG as one of the projects in the Third European Anti-Poverty programme. The report examines such concepts as social exclusion and racism and presents a number of case studies to illustrate the strategies undertaken to achieve human rights for Travellers. Price 3.00 ISBN 1-897598-09-2
Equality Proofing and Racism:  Proofing Government Policy Provision and Procedures Against Racism
A report from the Irish Co-ordinating Committee for the European Year Against Racism.
Equality Proofing Administrative Procedures: A review of existing approaches in selected EU member states
Price 5.00  ISBN  1-897598-21-1
Roma, Gypsies, Travellers:  East/West.  Regional and Local Policies
A report of a 1991 conference of Roma, Gypsy, Traveller representatives from all over the world.  Price 5.00


Traveller Accommodation And The Law - Action For Change Through The Courts
The current legal position of Travellers accommodation: An ITM publication. Price 2. ISBN: 0-9520155-1-X
The President Robinson Awards For The Design Of Traveller Accommodation
A selection of designs with analysis of issues, and guidelines for the design of accommodation. Price 5. ISBN: 1-897598-04-1
Travellers Health and Accommodation Status
This publication is a case-study of Travellers health in the Coolock Area. It clearly establishes the link between poor living conditions and poor health. It also reflects Travellers own health priorities and perceptions of health care. Published by Northside Travellers Support Group. Price 5.00 ISBN 0-9525-419-0-4
Still No Place To Go
This is a survey on the Traveller accommodation situation in Dublin in 1994. It highlights the slow rate of progress in meeting Travellers' accommodation needs. The issues and recommendations are applicable on a national level. Price 3.00. ISBN 0-9520155-4-4

Traveller Economy

Traveller Inclusion in the Mainstream Labour Force: New Strategies for New Choices
This publication identifies some short term approaches to increasing employment opportunities for Travellers. It has a specific focus on Travellers getting jobs in providing services to their own community. Price 5.00. ISBN 1-897598-11-4
Generating Options
A study of Enterprise Initiatives supported through Traveller organisations. Price 5.00. ISBN 1-897598-13-0
Market Economies:  Trading in the Traveller Economy
Price 5.00  ISBN  1-897598-19-X
Traveller Market Traders Directory
A practical guide for market traders.  Price 3.00
Building the Social Economy: New Areas of Work, Enterprise and Development
A policy document from the Partnerships for Local Action Network (Planet). Price 5
Are You Scheming? A Guide for Traveller Groups
This publication informs groups of the employment and training schemes that are available. Price 3.00. ISBN 1-897598-06-8

Health and Education

Primary Health Care for Travellers - Project Report
The first annual report of the Primary Health Care for Travellers Project reflects on some actions undertaken by this project, to impact on Travellers health status. It describes and documents some of the key features of the project between October 1994 and October 1995. Price 5.00. ISBN 0-948562-14-5
Pavee Children
A study of childcare issues for Travellers. Price 5.00. ISBN 1-897598-14-9
Travellers And Education
Principles and recommendations, with useful appendix: An ITM publication. Price 2. ISBN 0-9520155-2-8

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