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21 May 2000
Bansha Kilmoyler Parish Pilgrimage

A full church gathered in Bansha on the night of 31 December 1999 to pray in thanksgiving for our Christian faith and heritage. We continued to mark the Jubilee with our Parish Pilgrimage on 21 May. On this day Christians throughout the country joined in this National Day of Pilgrimage.
Pilgrimage has time-honoured meaning in human religious experience. Abraham and Moses journeyed in search of God’s plan for them. Jesus went on pilgrimage to Jerusalem to pray. Christian people journey on pilgrimage to sites around the world and at home. Pilgrimage is an outer expression of an inner journey.
Parishoners were invited to begin thier pilgrimage "at a place which has been meaningful in your life, perhaps where you met someone dear to you, a site of importance to your family, a place of religious significance - the church where you celebrated some important moment in your life."

2:00 p.m. Ardane Cross - 6.5 miles from Kilmoyler Church
4:00 p.m. Saint Pecaun’s - 2.5 miles from Kilmoyler Church
5:00 p.m. Kiladriffe - 1.5 miles from Kilmoyler Church
6:00 p.m. Mass in Kilmoyler Church

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Doing the rounds at Saint Berrihert's Kyle


The route began where people prayed a thousand years ago, a site where infants were buried in recent centuries, visited ancient monastic sites, took in a cemetery in current use passing many established homes, new houses and intended sites. We reflected on how we may travel with God on any stage of life's journey. The pilgrimage route was marked with reflections and prayers and concluded with Mass at 6:00 p.m in Kilmoyler Church.


Pilgrims become a paradigm of the whole life of faith; departure reveals the decision of pilgrims to go forward up to the destination and achieve the spiritual objectives of their baptismal vocation; walking leads them to solidarity with their brothers and sisters and to the necessary preparation for the meeting with the Lord; the visit to the shrine invites them to listen to the Word of God and to sacramental celebration; the return, in the end, reminds them of their mission in the world, as witnesses of salvation and builders of peace.
The Pilgrimage in the Great Jubilee
Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People, 1998

1:45 p.m. Saint Berrihert's Kyle

Saint Berrihert's Kyle is the site of a monastery that existed until the 10th or 11th century. The carved crosses and slabs have since then been a site of pilgrimage and, for some time, the place of burial of unbaptised infants. The pattern is observed 18 - 26 February. To mark the Jubilee Year, mass will be celebrated there on the feast of Saint Columba, Friday 9 June.

2:00 p.m. Leave Ardane Cross
4:00 p.m. Saint Pecaun's Saint Pecaun lived in the seventh century. The Annals of the Four Masters record his death in the year 689 with his feast-day as 26 May. The site consists of a ruined church, carved stones, a well and monastic cell. Mass and Sports are held there each August
5:00 p.m. Kiladriffe Cemetery Killardrigh - Church of the High King - is said to be called after an Ard Rí, High King of Munster, who met his death while bathing in the nearby Suir.
.6:00 p.m . Mass in Kilmoyler Church