The Aherlow River and Galtees
Photograph taken at College Bridge on Sunday evening, 12 July 1998 - dull weather and changing light.
College here is the archaic word for a collection of buildings. Little evidence remains of the dense population of the last century as many of the building of those who died or emigrated were made of the poorest of materials. They were pulled down by the 'improvers' who remained or simply returned to the earth from which the were shaped. The stone ruins we see are often what remain of the houses of those with enough resources to build from lasting materials.

Stone Crosses
These are some of the stone carvings at St Berrihert's Kyle. The image needs tidying, but is working towards finding the best settings etc.
The darkness of the pictures is due to the character and location of the Kyle - under a dense canopy of trees. The crosses date to the ninth century - this can be determined precisely by the style and content of inscriptions. One design is unique to this site, others are found in Ireland and Northumbria. More here and on the history pages presently ...