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Silja Muller


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Coven of the Three Wells

Progressive Wiccan training group in Co. Meath. Training tailored to the needs of the individual on a selective apprenticeship basis. Catering for those wanting group membership, and support for those on the solitary path and planning to form a Coven for the first time. Advice given on all Wiccan/Occult matters.

Contact Gavin for introduction: Telephone: (046) 49201

Or E-Mail:

The Kelynek Circle

(affiliated to Coven of the Three Wells)

In Ireland's Southern Province of Munster - Ireland's first Cybergrove - a contact point for those in Ireland seeking guidance on the paths of Druidry or CelticWicca; in Tipperary, East Limerick, North Cork, Kerry and North Waterford. Postal and Internet instruction, plus selected tutorial meetings and observation of Celtic Seasonal Festivals.

 E-mail enquiries to: Kelynek

or go to The Pagan Pages Kelynek Page at


 Linking Irish Pagans with Pagans, Wiccans & Druids across the sea in Europe, America & Australasia. You've heard of 'Pen Pals' - here you can find a 'Broomstick Buddy'! Now collecting names/addresses to post onto an Internet Notice Board.

Please don't forget to include your Town/City, County/State & Country as well as first name or pagan name, pagan pathway & e-mail address (plus Internet Website URL address if you have one) AND INCLUDE YOUR WRITTEN PERMISSION FOR THESE DETAILS TO BE LISTED ON THE WICCANET WEB-PAGE.

 E-mail enquiries to: Wiccanet

or view the Wiccanet page via The Pagan Pages Links Page at

The Pagan Federation (Ireland)

Linked to the UK Pagan Federation, the oldest Pagan Organisation in Europe. Membership given to all those of true Pagan Paths; Wicca, Druidism, Shamanism, and Asatru. Regular events held in Ireland. For membership and subscription to The Pagan Dawn, SPIN Newsletter and Europa:

Contact Silja Muller


Monthly Pagan Moots in Ireland

If you are an Irish Pagan Group who would like to be placed on this contact page, publicise your event or you would like to find out more information about PINE E-mail one of the contacts listed at the top of this page, or send an e-mail direct to:


All these groups within Ireland would welcome International contacts.

Grove of Sinnan:

Teach Sinnanna is an old farmhouse set in 18 acres of Northern Connacht. It lies on Sheebeg ("the small fairy hill"), topped by a magical cairn which, tradition says is the grave of Fionn MacCumhail. While it is certain that the hill itself is silvery active and vital. Nearby is the cairn topped Sheemore (the large fairy hill), and both are overlooked by Sliabh Aniaron, the Iron Mountain, where legend tells, the Tuatha De Dannan, people of the shifting mist, landed in their cloud ships.

The Grove has a Celtic calendar tree cycle and 88 foot turf-cut labyrinth as well as other sacred spaces which are available to visitors. They provide facilities for passage rites, lectures and workshops. There is plenty of space for camping, and some lodging within the farmhouse.

They seek to promote an understanding of the living power of the Old Celtic and pre-Celtic stories, and an awareness of natural spirituality. They provide space for those seeking regeneration and the rediscovery of creativity within themselves.

They Publish their own Magazine; Sheela na Gig.

For Further Information Contact Chris at:

Teach Sinnanna,
County Leitrim,
Tel: (078) 42154

The Amergin Project:

Born out of a need to repair the damage done to ley lines in Ireland, The Amergin Project came into being at the Autumn Equinox 1996. This work continues out of the realisation that 'we and the land are one'. It is open to all who feel the need to heal mother earth.

For More Information Contact:

The Amergin Project,

c\o Frances DeVenney

At The Grove of Sinann

E-Mail: Fran Deveney <>