"The Celtic Tree Alphabet Sun/Moon Calendar ©"

"Celtic Sun/Moon Calendars ©"

produced by

The Plug-In Office, Cullen (Cuilleann), County Tipperary, Republic of Ireland.

THIS IS NOT JUST A CALENDAR, BUT A SMALL BOOK CRAMMED WITH INFORMATION ABOUT TREES, WHICH GIVE US LIFE BY PROVIDING OXYGEN FOR US TO BREATHE. The moon phase is shown for each day, plus information and times of eclipses, equinoxes, solar and lunar eclipses for the current year. This unique calendar covers 13 Moon Cycles or "Moonths", with each page featuring one of the 13 trees of The Sacred Tree Alphabet, which Robert Graves wrote about in his book "The White Goddess". (Recommended reading for Pagan Study - Published by Faber & Faber, London, England). There is plenty of space in "The Celtic Tree Alphabet Calendar" © to make notes for each day, and an overlap each end with the normal solar year dates. There are 14 calendar pages, since the mystical "Day Outside the Year" is covered by an extra page for the January 'Moonth' of the next Solar Year, in addition to the 13 Tree Moonths of 1998. The spiral binding allows the calendar to be hung up to display the calendar page for each 'moonth' together with its wealth of information on the 'tree of the moonth'.

"The Celtic Tree Alphabet Sun/Moon Calendar ©" is based on the ancient Ogham alphabet of the Celtic Druids, used by them as a secret language and for divination. This unique sun/moon calendar has notes on the thirteen native British trees which were used by the Druids as a " Sacred Tree Alphabet". Included is the ancient Celtic Ogham Alphabet as used in inscriptions which can still be seen on ancient Standing Stones & Celtic Gravestones in Ireland, Brittany, Malta, Wales, Scotland and England. The Ogham Alphabet was used all over Europe by the ancient Celtic Druids , and is now coming back into peoples' consciousness as 'New Age' thinking grows.

Included in"The Celtic Tree Alphabet Sun/Moon Calendar ©" for each month are notes on folk tales, cures and customs associated with that month's associated tree. The introduction explains the Moon's cycle and has notes on the importance of trees to the ancient Celts, (as shown in their system of Druid Brehon Laws and in customs passed down from past ages in Irish folklore). This is a calendar for all those who love trees and appreciate the benefits of their existence, which enhances life on Planet Earth for all living species.

30 Pages, space for daily notes, clear covers

Normal "solar" calendar dates

Daily moon phase image

Sun and Moon eclipse data

Equinox and Solstice dates

Line drawings of trees, leaves & fruit

Notes on tree folklore & customs.

"Celtic Sun/Moon Calendars ©" from The Plug-inOffice contain a wealth of carefully researched information, as well as showing moon phases. Each one is produced in Ireland's Southern Province of Munster. Support rural industry!

There are two versions :-

"The Celtic Tree Alphabet Sun/Moon Calendar ©" (as detailed above)

"The Celtic Wheel of the Year Sun/Moon Calendar ©" (based upon ancient Druid astronomical knowledge and illustrated with 5000-year-old designs as carved onto the ancient stone megaliths of Ireland.

"Celtic Sun/Moon Calendars ©"

NOTE: both "The Celtic Tree Alphabet Sun/Moon Calendar ©" and "The Celtic Wheel of the Year Sun/Moon Calendar ©" will not be available in the 2002 version due to the personal circumstances of the researcher/designer, but the version for 2003 should be available by October 2002. Check this webpage for details.

When in print, both these calendars are available to order FROM:-

The Plug-in Office, Cloonmanagh, CULLEN, County Tipperary, Republic of Ireland. e-mail plugin@iol.ie

(NOTE: There are no Zip Codes or Post Codes in The Republic of Ireland).


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Orders paid by cheque are acceptable, but be aware that bank clearance in Ireland can cause delays averaging 3 weeks in despatch.


then press ctrl+P to print the Form out from your P.C onto a sheet of paper.

Please post (MAIL) the signed form with your payment to the given address.

Please note, The Plug-in Office does not yet have any facility to accept credit card orders . You may reserve calendar copies by e-mail if you then confirm the order and send payment by post/mail. Sorry for any inconvenience!


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