If you're an american visitor you will be forgiven for thinking that Cootehall is named after some "old guy" - not really. The place was named after Coote, English landlord and priest hunter who died after falling off his horse and hitting his head on a rock during a chase.
Oddly enough the Irish name "Cloigne" is the irish for skulls! Don't worry - I've been there and didn't find any so YOUR stay will be skull free!

The old house where he lived was burned and later converted to stables. This is visible on the hill beyond the bridge on the way to Knockvicar.

Cootehall is more a hamlet than a village - this is according to one of its inhabitants who shall remain nameless just in case!

Watersplash and Jim Henry's. Both of these also double as shops.

Cootehall has a mooring on the way into the village which also caters for fuel (as you can see from the photo). If you need any there is a convenient bell located on the side of the pump.
I didn't see any water or toilet facilities at the moorings but I'm sure you're probably going to spend time at The Watersplash or Jim Henry's.

Cootehall is not too far from Boyle or Leitrim.

Last updated September-02-'95.