The purpose of this page is to make available for downloading and display drawings of the Star Trek in the AutoCAD format. Also carried will be some other bits and pieces like Trek Fonts etc. For the most part I have collected these files from sources around the Internet and for this reason please do not assume that I am the author of all of the files posted here. I have left the files intact in so-far as the way the files were sent to me or that I downloaded them in. If I did originate the drawings then it will be credited to me. If you are the author of any of the files and do not want me to have it displayed or mentioned here please contact me and I will remove it at once.
This is a 3-D render of the USS 1701 (TOS) 55KB
A 2-d plan of the USS 1701-A (STTMP) 57KB
A 2-d side and front view of USS 1701 (TOS) 19KB
Appears to be a colour line drawing of 202KB
The Three Enterprises - Aircraft Carrier, 1701-A and 1701-D 299KB
Another 1701-A plan, front and side view. 59KB
1701 (TOS) Top and side view. 36KB
An excellent 2-D of the 1701-A. 326KB
The Shuttle Goddard Drawn by my self. Not complete yet. 105KB
Voyager Drawn by myself. 353KB
3D dwg of 1701a 60KB
3D Dwg of 1701D Really good version 289KB
2D dwg of 1701-D pretty good. 322KB
United Federation of Planets emblem. 32KB
3D of USS Wilke. 11KB
Klingon war bird 3D. 28KB
Klingon ship. not sure if this dxf will work I had problems importing it. 71KB
AutoCAD dwg and shx font file for Fed Hull Numbers. 28KB

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