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I started this with the best of intentions. The aim was to seek out good links to philosophical discourse on the net and to list them with a short comment on each. Unfortunately I got distracted by religion.

The sheer number of sites providing a religious or mystical view of the world is amazing. And I must admit to a kind of mesmerised curiosity about it all; I wasted a good few late nights surfing religious sites, when I could have been seeking out more useful resources. It is sometimes remarked that persons from a Roman Catholic background, like myself, who have managed to shake off the shackles of religion, nevertheless retain a philosophical outlook. Whether this is true or not, I am a good example of the syndrome. And I do like to keep an eye on what the various religions are currently up to.

Still, I expect self-discipline to return soon, and I will devote more time to a search for genuine, scientific philosophy. If you can assist in this project please email me with the URLs of relevant material, along with a short informative comment on each one. In return (should you so so desire) I will acknowledge you by name as the source of the link, and provide an email link to you, or even a hyperlink if you have a relevant page of your own.

Finally, the introductory section of the Spark Homepage is also relevant to an understanding of the objectives underlying the content and design of these pages.

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